Blackberry Playbook in Malaysia

By in Mobile phone reviews on July 16, 2011

Blackberry Playbook is another tablet just like Apple Ipad, Samsung Galaxy Tab, and Dell Streak. Blackberry Playbook is not as big as the Ipad but not too small like the Galaxy Tab. The Playbook is designed to be in average size so that it is light and yet still convenient to be used. If you find that the Ipad is too big for you and the Galaxy Tab is too small, then the Playbook is the only answer for you.

Blackberry Playbook also has fast response time and you can open any program almost instantly. No wonder since the Playbook is powered by 1 GHz dual-core Cortex A9 processor compared to the Samsung Galaxy Tab which only use 1 GHz Cortex A8 processor. The efficiency of the Playbook also comes from the 1 GB internal memory. This far exceeds the memory that is supported in Ipad and Samsung Galaxy Tab.

blackberry playbook pictures

If you occasionally snap pictures, Blackberry Playbook is definitely for you. Compared to other tablets, the Playbook offers the best camera feature by having 3 mega pixel front camera and 5 mega pixel rear camera. Ipad definitely is the worst choice since the tablet does not have built-in camera at all. Besides the good camera, you can also record High Definition 1080p video using the Playbook.

Currently, the Blackberry Playbook supports 3G connectivity just like the other tablets. However Blackberry promises that the 4G connectivity will be available in the future. That means Playbook users will have the opportunity to taste better internet surfing experience that exceeds other tablets.


Blackberry Playbook price in Malaysia

For those that interested in having a Playbook as their mate, you can have it for around RM2000. Looking at the specifications and benefits of the Playbook, I consider the price as okay. Not too high but not too low.

If you have missed out the Blackberry Playbook booking by Maxis, don’t worry as normal purchase will be available at the nearest Maxis Centre soon. Below is the details about the Blackberry Playbook data plan for Maxis as carrier. If you like to watch movies and surf internet occasionally, the 64 GB disk space and 3 GB internet monthly usage seems the right choice.

Below is the data plan for Blackberry Playbook that distributed by Maxis. According to Maxis that just launching the Playbook in 15 July 2011, user can get the Playbook at a cheap price. Believe me, you can get an awesome tablet just for RM990. Oh, I forgot to mention that you need to subscribe the 12 months or 24 months contract to get the price. Remember dude, there is no such thing as free lunch. Let say that you buy the 64 GB Playbook including 24 months internet contract, that is still a good bargain to me. RM 1800 for the tablet alone is considerable. Furthermore you also get access to the internet for 24 months. Another thing worth to mention, be alert about your existing quota since additional data usage will be charged at 10 cent/10kb.


Wallpaper for Blackberry Playbook

For those that already have the Playbook, below is a  few wallpapers with ratio of 1024×600 pixel that should be suitable as the Playbook background. You can visit to download the Blackberry Playbook wallpaper for free.

Playbook WallpaperPlaybook Wallpaper

blackberry playbook wallpaper

blackberry playbook wallpaper

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