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By in Place and Events on March 15, 2010

Teja (Jaya Carnival so called [intlink id=”1152″ type=”post”]Temasya Jaya[/intlink]) week 2 shown two major events that is Futsal Teja and Battle of The Band. In this Battle of The Band, BitterSweet an independence band was invited to perform in this event. Before I go further about Bittersweet and Battle of The Band, lets see a bit about Futsal Teja.

In my opinion Futsal Teja was something different than other futsal tournament since they were using Rugby grouping style. Usually, only strong teams can maintain in the tournament and go through the final. However, this is different in Futsal Teja. Every team have high chance to proceed in the game by dividing the prizes into Cup, Plate, Bowl, and Spoon categories. If a team got a bad ranking in grouping, they do not need to worry because they can still compete in other categories. Yeah, this is what most football players need. Enjoyment in playing futsal. The prizes is second. Futsal Teja is not something that would burned your money like other tournaments.

The only bad thing about Futsal Teja is that the field is too sandy. But the location is very strategic. Although you are asleep, your team mates can easily wake you up because the hostel is so near.

Now lets go to the [intlink id=”1098″ type=”post”]Battle of The Band[/intlink]. In this band battle, not only USM Engineering students but USM Main Campus and UITM were invited too. After a few years being at USM Engineering, this is the first time I’ve seen such lively event. Usually such big event took placed at Dewan Utama but this time the Battle of The Band was held at Lembaran Cafe. I am sure the Battle of The Band would not be this lively if Teja organizer did not think out of the box.

The best of all, Bittersweet was invited to perform in Battle of the Band. If you are into ‘Inde’ music, I am sure you’ve come across this band. Bittersweet is really awesome.

For more interesting view, I’ve compiled a few Bittersweet pictures into a gif animation by using [intlink id=”843″ type=”post”]Photoscape[/intlink]. I used Burst mode in [intlink id=”1141″ type=”post”]K770i[/intlink] for the snapshot of the sequential motion.

They are sporting and their performance is rock. The drummer skills really went through my heart.

Most of all, Bittersweet treat their fan nicely. Lets hope Bittersweet will stay like this once they are famous.

For the band contest, the fist prize goes to The Echoes. As for the second and third prizes, looks like I already forgot it because their name are so weird. I am not good at remembering. Hopes that Teja will have their own website for the next Teja. If you see this Battle of The Band, I am sure you would be amazed of the emcees. They talk English like their mother language.

Ps: Thanks to Khairul Anuar for the amazing pics.

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    alahai.mmg cool gila kalau ada event battle band ni 😀 heee. tp kdg2 ada student mcm lupa diri :p seronok sangat kot head banging hehe

    ehh awak usm kerian ke?
    .-= yonna´s last blog ..“Akhirnya Bebas Dari Cengkaman Peliwat” – Sara Liona =-.

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    Ha ha.. yg head banging tu x leh nk wat apa la. Brgntung pd diri sendiri. Ha ah.. USM Transkrian.