Top 6 Mobile Phone websites

Want to get more of mobile phone news and information in Malaysia? Check out the listing below. Some of the sites are totally made for mobile phone related news while some of the sites frequently update news related to mobile phone. Whether the site is a blog, portal, or forum, all of them is still consider a website.

1# Malaysian Wireless mobile phone blog

Malaysian Wireless is probably the best place to read news related to mobile phone and telecommunication. Believe it or not, Malaysian Wireless was given the National Press Club- New Media Award of the Year(2010). The author; K.Kugan was also invited by TM to test the speed of high speed broadband that we all known as Unify.



2# Soya Cincau mobile phone blog

Based on the name alone, you must think the website is a food blog. If that is the case, sorry dude since you are wrong. Soya Cincau is the mobile phone blog in Malaysia that receive the highest daily visitors at this time (based on Alexa ranking). Just search for mobile phone related keyword at Google and there is a high chance to stumble upon Soya Cincau.



3# Mobile88 phone portal

Despite the childish domain name, Mobile88 is actually the most visited mobile phone related website in Malaysia. I am not sure what is the significance of the number 88. If it refers to birth year of the website founder, then the website founder must be someone genius. As I still day dreaming and wasting time, he already make his way to become authority in mobile phone industry.



4# Amanz technology blog

If you are a Malay but do not know Aman, then you are not the man of technology. Aman is an alien blogger. You know why? He updates the techno blog almost everyday. Something that normal human cannot achieve. No wonder the blog has lot of readers.

Visit: http:


5# JomPHP technology blog

This Malay blog is managed by Cyberfly and Eins. I still remember a few years ago when the blog is still new and only get decent number of visitors, at that time they used to blog about web development. That is the reason for the PHP at the domain name. Somehow they blog more about gadget and technology at this time. If you visit the blog, feel welcome to give comments since both of them are friendly and helpful.



6# Uncle Mobile

Okay, let be honest. This site is nowhere to be considered top mobile phone site but I believe it is not wrong to favor your own site. I am not actually mister who know all mobile phone geek but I am trying my best in delivering the best content. I hate unrelated spam comments and annoying comments that provoke my English to the extend that I am willing to disable the commenting system. I updates my old post frequently so that the information provided are up to date. If I open the commenting system, the information provided may not be in synch with the comments given. To avoid confusion, I just disable the commenting system.