Batman 3, is it just rumours?

By in Movie Reviews on June 29, 2011

A fight for cats

This is not catwoman, just look alike.

This is not catwoman, just look alike (I put this just for picture purposes)

Angelina Jolie need to compete with Chris Hatcher in order to win the role of Cat Woman in the next Dark Night sequel. However this is just rumour because Jonathan Nolan and David Goyer, who wrote The Dark Knight, have stated that they do not want Cat Woman or Penguin character to be involve in this Dark Night project.

I believe they will do so since Dark Night is completely different from previous version either from its storyline or their character. You can see how they create the Joker that is totally awesome in Dark Night.

Whose going to play The Riddler?

the-riddler2Do you know that for the next Batman version of Christian Bale, Eddie Murphy will be acting too. Guess what is his character? The Riddler. That is once is played by Jim Carrey.

If this rumour is true, I don’t know how well he can be compare to Jim Carrey. I know that Eddie Murphy has the sense of humour, but I am sure that he is not suitable for the character.

The Beverly Hills Cop star, 47, has been signed up by British director CHRISTOPHER NOLAN to reprise the role played by JIM CARREY in 1995’s Batman Forever.

Gotham villain … Eddie Murphy

The surprise move follows speculation linking Pirates of the Caribbean star JOHNNY DEPP to the part.

The film, set for a 2010 release, is being developed under the working title Gotham.

Execs have also signed up rising Transformers star SHIA LABEOUF, 22, to play Robin.

CHRISTIAN BALE will return as Bruce Wayne, while MICHAEL CAINE will again play Bruce’s assistant Alfred.

Meanwhile, Brit RACHEL WEISZ is said to be up for the Catwoman role.

“Eddie’s a fantastic addition. Everyone’s excited to see what he does as the Riddler.” –  TheSun

I still thinking how this Riddler should be. For your information, we already set our mind that Joker should be someone who is cheerful and crazy, and The Joker that appears in Dark Night really a shock. Completely different and more elegant than previous Joker.

So, is The Riddler gonna be the same? If so, Eddie Murphy is eligible for this role since he can play serious character but at the same time still be funny. However I still can’t imagine how a black will look in The Riddler costume since I already set my mind that Riddler supposed to be a white man.


If I was the director, I will put Aznil Nawawi (a.k.a Professor Klon in Cicak Man) since I feel that he has what a riddler should has. Besides, I think that Professor Klon character is completely come from The Riddle… Ok Yusri and KRU group. I am just kidding. Please don’t sue me.

Ps: Nabil from Raja Lawak is absolutely the best choice as The Riddle for me. (Too bad, he is poor in English. I bet that he will be offer The Riddle role if his English is good. Believe me or not?)

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    im ready for batman 3 so christain bale will play batman he got his sidekick played by andries price so andries price will play robin on batman 3 we are ready so batman and robin will fight the riddler and catwoman it will be a cool fight so batman 3 starring christain bale andries price micheal caine eddie murphy rachel weisz as catwoman and mergan freeman in theatres july 2011 see ya.

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    i love all Eddie Murphy movies. i like also the movie DAVE where he co stars with Elizabeth Banks.;’`

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    Eddie Murphy is the best comedian that i have known, he is a really funny guy.`-,

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