Avira anti virus promotion for 2011

By in Software Reviews on July 20, 2011

Every anti virus has their own specialty. In term of virus detection, Kaspersky is famous for its ability to detect almost all type of viruses. Kaspersky also get top listing in a lot of websites that review anti virus software. Despite the fact, I still favor Avira over Kaspersky. When I installed Kaspersky in my previous Pentium 4 desktop, the computer run slowly. The virus detection is good but performance is an important aspect too. That is for Pentium 4 desktop. If you use desktop PC with Core2Duo and above processor, I am sure you do not have to worry about the performance issue. Although Avira is light, I see it capability in detecting virus is okay. Just made sure you use the premium Avira anti virus for total effect.

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My experience with free anti virus is really bad. During 2007 till the middle of 2009, I need to format my desktop computer frequently. In a matter of a two months after format, my PC will lagged again. At that time it never crossed my mind that having a paid anti virus might do the job. Believe it or not, starting from mid 2010 till now, I never format my computer yet. If you are interested in having Avira and do not know whether to choose the Avira anti virus premium or the Avira premium internet security, it is best if you check what the premium internet security can do. 

Avira Premium Security Suite is essential if you:

  • Rely on the internet for everything
  • Regularly shop and buy from online retailers, or bid on auction sites
  • Ever access your bank or financial accounts online
  • Chat, communicate and social network constantly
  • Share your computer with your partner or other family members
  • Worry about keeping your precious family memories safe
  • Are concerned about what your children might see and do online

As for me, having the normal Avira anti virus premium is more than enough as I am using Opera browser for internet surfing. For every page that loads, Opera will filter it for security threat or possible of phishing. Whenever I see warning from Opera, I will not open the tab. For the conclusion, choose Avira anti virus premium if you want something that is light but powerful enough to protect your computer.

As my premium anti virus had expired, I already renew the Avira license. Although it is already 2011 it looks like the latest version of Avira 2011 is not out yet. So might task become easier as I don’t need to reinstall new version of Avira. I just need to enter the key information and my license is extended for another year.

Although the price for the Avira anti virus premium slightly increase than 2010, I am glad because the license come with Tune-up Utilities application for free. Tune-up Utilities is a famous tool that can help you maintaining your computer status to the fullest. The tool automatically change and optimize your application priority based on what you are doing. Zoo Computer Repairs can fix your Mac Problems! Although I need to add extra RM10 for the 3 in 1 Avira license, I got a worthy tool that cost USD 50. I just got something that costs RM150 for free. Wow.

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    i use tune up for tweaking my theme, boot screen…love that soft…

    for AV i use KAS…Avira premiim cool coz lighter that KAS…