Another supernatural tv series released just like heroes and supernatural. The only different is it broadcast from Canada showcase tv while another two from US. Lost girl is about a girl Bo plays by Anna Silk who has been abandoned by her parents since she was born due to some threat by enemy. She was raised up by adopted family and didn’t know that she has a unique power that somehow will cause a serious damage to human body or even fatalism. It’s like seducing human and sucks the human energy.

After murder a man in an elevator she was kidnapped by a ‘fae’ the underworld group which divided into two distinct groups (light and dark). The light group takes her to ask who she was and what kind of her clan. During the interrogation process the leader of the light group strongly believe that she doesn’t know anything about the ‘fae’ world. After being checked, she was told that she might come from succubus clan. And as a tradition in fae world, she has to choose which side that she likes to join. No registration fee at all…hahahaha… At last, she choose to be with human and start to ask about herself and try to find the root of her family, who is her father, her mother and so many things.

By now, two episodes were aired and I found it really stunning. Even from the first episode I’ve decided to follow this series to the end. Enough for now and I leave you with the Lost Girl trailer (showcase promo) so you can judge it by yourself. Do comment me to ask for the lost girl free download link,ok..??

watch lost girl (2010) trailer here

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After end of the 3rd quarter of the year with stunning profit, opera comes with the latest mobile software which is opera mini 5.1 on september 9th, 2010. This version has already been released for Java, Android and BlackBerry phones and now available for others especially for my se w705 phone. Actually this version is updated from opera mini 4.2 which is widely used all over the world for mobile phone. With several updated features , opera mini 5.1 really make different and will lead the mobile browser for at least 2 years.

Here’s the summary of the stunning features that I said before.

Tabbed browsing….

Browse as many web sites at the same time. Change it from one to another with ease.

Speed Dial……

Just by one click, you can go to your favorite pages easily. Up to 9 space and you can bookmark any of your favorite site visually.

Long-click Menus…..

y hold the select button, you can perform actions such as opening in a new tab, copying and pasting. Just like your right hand click at the mouse.

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Command prompt is a non-graphical interface of a command-line interpreter which allows you to communicate with your Operating System (OS). Most modern computer now use Graphical user interface to communicate with OS so that it is easy to operate files and documents. However, there are certain programs and commands only available through command prompt. Enough for the introduction and let’s focus on our subject on how to open command prompt..

It’s easy …. just follow the steps below.

  1. Open ‘windows start page’.
  2. Click on Run.
  3. On the dialog box type ‘command’ or ‘cmd’.
  4. Hit enter and the command prompt will pop up onto you.

For windows vista and windows seven it’s much easier.

  1. On the search box, type ‘command’ or simply ‘cmd’
  2. Hit enter and there is your command prompt.

For example of command prompt usage is to check MAC address and ping IP address to check whether the server is online or not.

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    The first month of a university time was really hard for me. It’s not that difficult but redoes the assignments twice for all six subjects do make anyone frustrated and exhausted. It’s not totally my fault that I’ve to make it again, but it’s all due to a virus attacked all over the university computer and a adjacent zone. It will make your files seem to be hidden. Not just hidden, but totally hidden. No one can see those hidden files and was replaced by shortcuts. You can’t get access to the hidden file even you double-click all of the shortcuts. In fact, you’re not even know that your file still in there.

    Since we don’t have much time to retrieve those files or find any other ways to get that files back, we just redo all the assignments and it was really frustrating. Before that, we just try to scan the pen drive but no threat was detected. We use the latest Kaspersky database but still nothing. And the time to focus doing assignments begin…………

    But after sometimes, someone came out with the theory that the files were hidden by the virus-maybe he found it from the internet or something- and so, everyone start to find a way to unhide the files. I found something that really interesting to solve our problem by using attribute command from command prompt-actually from a friend of mine (credit to rezduan)-… Here’s the way to do it…

    1. Open command prompt. (Don’t know how to do it? refer to this article…) 2. Redirecting your command to the infected partition. eg: C:\Documents and Settings\user>F: The above example done if your pen drive is F: it may be G:, I:, W:, or anything… 3. The command will show the partition to be commanded. eg: F:\> 4. Simply type this, [attrib -h -s /s /d] eg:F:\>attrib -h -s /s /d 5. Wait until the hidden files being retrieved.

    If you’re familiar with the command prompt.. You can just type this from the beginning….

    1. ATTRIB -H -S [[drive:] [path] filename] [/S [/D]]

    I will explain the meaning of -h, -s, /s, /d later, ok? Hope it’ll help you and see you later…

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    hye.. It’s me again. Last time i wrote about WordPress is the easy step to have a wordpress blog’s account.(read-article) So now i assume that you already have your own blog. Today i would like to share with you te easiest way to customize your blog so that it’ll be neat and well-structured.

    Here’s the idea,  how to add theme, change background and header. For someone who is familiar with social networking, changing theme, background and header won’t be a difficult task. For this to make sense, I divide it to three part which every part explain each of the style briefly.


    1. Sign in/log in to your own WordPress account so that and directly go to the dashboard of the blog.
    2. At the left side of the dashboard part you’ll find various selection. Under ‘Appearance’ you will find theme selection. Click on theme.
    3. Choose from the available theme offered.
    4. Preview any theme that touch your heart and feeling.
    5. Don’t forget to click ‘save changes’ when you’re done.

    hye every one.. it’s been a while rite.. I’m so sorry because I’m too busy lately with the university registration. After all,  I have something to share with you. Here, the very basic and the most simple things in computing. But, it’ll help a lot to recognize which is the most important for anyone who is plan to buy computer partly.

    After doing some research and reading I found that there are 5 most important component in a computer system which three of them are vital. Let me list down all five component before we go through it one by one.

    1. Motherboard (MOBO) / Mainboard

    2. Memory

    3. Power Supply Unit (PSU)

    4. Hard disk (HDD)

    5. Peripherals.

    Let’s take a look of the first component which is motherboard or simply called MOBO. Most of us call it a heart/brain of a computer which help do all the process. Actually I combining processor(cpu) with MOBO and call it one component since processor sit directly on MOBO. You can find it two different things later. A matter of simplification, just take it as one. The cpu will do all the needed process. cpu contain 3 component which are control unit (CU), Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU) and register. Beside that, MOBO consist of Basic input/output system (BIOS). BIOS is the initial software before load the operating system (OS). Without BIOS, the computer won’t know what to do.(we will discuss bout BIOS later on). MOBO is also important for data send/receive purpose. MOBO consists of a web of busses from/to storage or else for the data send/receive. MOBO also consists of HUB which work as a house to many other peripheral devices like mouse, printer and monitor.

    The second and vital component of a computer is memory. There’s a lot of memory to be covered, but let’s focus on this one, the most important memory called Random Access Memory (RAM). RAM is one form of data storage and normally recognized as a primary storage. RAM temporarily stores files & information that it can pull at random when running program or applications. Together with CPU, RAM determines the computer speeds. All data and information stored in RAM will be deleted when the power off.

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    If Jimmy found himself a [intlink id=”1141″ type=”post”]sony ericsson k770i[/intlink] as a new gadget to replace his old motorola v36 phone, me myself found sony ericsson w705 to be my communication gadget. You can get this phone for RM720-rm780 only. After one month of usage, i found there were several features that make me really like this phone. But, at least 3 things make me feel kinda regret bought this phone. If I want to scold somebody, Jimmy is the most suitable one because he was late to post the article about ‘buy-sell’ rule for new handphone. hehehe… That’s why we always need to pay an attention to the new post and also read all the good stuffs from internet or blog to make sure we do not regret anything in the future..

    Surely I want to share with you the best part of this phone first before I go to the next part….the regret one.he…

    By looking at its title “spartacus” many perception flashing through my head and the most popular and the strongest one is its relation with word spartan..yeah..maybe this series will tell us about something related to spartan time and its legacy. Something about history that left us thousand years ago.. it was passed in about hundreds centuries. But the story and its glory remain in our life and pass through mouth to mouth. On that time, I think that i am the happiest person when starz (America tv channel) announce its intention to produce a series related to ancient history since I love history and I can sit even 5 hours to read, hear and watch anything about ancient history. It’s really interesting and amazing.

    But after sometimes, I get to know that Spartacus is not about spartan heroes but it appear to be a man from Thracian ethnicity who was forced to be a roman gladiator which is played by Andy Whitfield. Spartacus is his name on that show and he actually will come back to fight against Roman Republic as a leader of all slaves. On the last week of December, the producer of this series announce that ‘there will be the second season of this show’ even on that time, the pilot of this season wasn’t aired yet.

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    With the new series aired on Starz TV on Saturday night, probably our children and we have the right time to watch TV together. But, you have to aware with the consequences for giving your children to watch Spartacus Blood and Sand. Classics tale of the republic stories, start with betrayed by Romans. Forced to slavery. Reborn as a Gladiator. Then, lead the rebellion against Romans.

    1. Violence.

    Within 60 minutes of the first episode for this Spartacus series, I can barely say that 50% of the show contains the violent act from free hand fighting until bloody fight using sharp metal like chopper, sword and spear. Nobody can deny that gladiator arena must have those bloody fighting actions which brought to us through tv cable. Can’t imagine how they

    5 easy steps to start blogging by using wordpress…

    Start blogging by using wordpress..?? what an easy task actually…who want to know bout this..? start blogging by using wordpress is one of the most simple things in blogging. But after giving a hard thought about it, I think this post is still relevant. Imagine, how much baby was born in last decades. It also represents the new baby within 2 billion internet users who was born without any knowledge about blog and start to rising up. This post totally a quick preview for someone who really want to start a blog but don’t have enough knowledge to do so. Hope this post will be a kick start for you to share anything with other through internet or even be the best blog-master ever.