Although this blog is named MRR2, there is nothing to do with the MRR2 highway that has a lot of issue. However it can’t be deny that the MRR2 name came from the highway.

Actually, MRR2 is a blog about almost anything. That’s why MRR2 suits the taste of most people. MRR2 is really suitable for readers who want news in various niches and topics.

At the moment, there are 3 dedicated writers in MRR2. All of the writers are trying their best to publish fresh contents regularly. Do subscribe MRR2 feed or join MRR2 mailing list if you do not want to miss latest update.

MaxMonic :

MaxMonic is passionate to talk about gadget and anything that related to computer. He likes to share almost anything that he finds might be helpful to others. If you have question about anything that Jimmy post, please feel free to drop comment. He will try his best to answer it as soon as possible. Feel free to email him at maxmonic@gmail.com if you have something to discuss about.


Prebet has a lot of knowledge in entertainment. He knows a lot of movies and TV series. Whether it’s English series, Japan drama or Korean drama; Prebet would surely watch it if it’s worth enough. He just finished a marathon of Iris (Korean Drama) and hope to see he make a blog post about it soon. If you have movies or dramas that worth to be seen, feel free to suggest it to him. For sure Prebet will be glad.

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