Have you watch the new promotional video by Toyota?

It’s simply amazing, refreshing, and has deep meaning. You can watch the video below if you haven’t watch one.

I am sure you are going to say.. ” WOW!! THAT”S SO COOL!!”

Yes it’s cool because it is nothing like other advertisement related to car where you are shown the speed and power of the car. Great effort by Toyota to come up with a memorable promotional video like this one. Two thumbs up.

So did you notice anything weird in the one minute video?



toyota dominoes 1

If you haven’t, let me spoil you a bit… Did you realize THE DOMINOES GOES BACKWARD?

Does that mean you should watch the video in backward to see the real dominoes effect?

No you don’t…



hybrid vehicles

The Toyota Dominoes captures the essence of the spirit of Toyota innovation. The brand has achieved the previously ‘unimaginable and impossible’ goals with the launch of Toyota hybrid technology!

If till today we believe it’s impossible to bring back fallen dominoes to stand.. Toyota has done it and prove it’s not impossible.

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And if people used to think that it is not possible to power up a car without using fuel which can pollute our environment, Toyota has proven that it is possible  with the launch of their hybrid technology.

Just imagine how many problem this technology can save us. As the world’s oil is getting decrease, there is nothing to worry about. And at the same time the air pollution caused by vehicles can be reduced drastically.

I hope sooner or letter Toyota team can incorporate their technology to other vehicles such as motorcycle, truck, and ship as well. I am pretty sure nothing is impossible.

By the way if you will like to watch behind the scene you can go to Youtube.

Ps: This post has been sponsored by Toyota, but all the thought is our own.

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