I am sure you are tired of using the normal fax machine.

I know you hate to waste your precious time just to receive a faxed document.

Okay, here is the best solution for you.

Introduce, the best online fax ever; MyFax.

After you use MyFax, you will realize how much time you have wasted before. You no longer need to wait for the fax document to arrive because the document is automatically send to your email.

Yes, that easy.


Not only that. Using MyFax, you can also reverse the process.

Now you can send a document from your computer without the need to print it, bring it to the fax machine, and push the send button. If you find that too complicated there are many CRM software’s that offer the service as part of a service plan: https://www.salesforce.com/hub/crm/zendesk-crm-competition/

You don’t need to do these waste of time procedures anymore.

Using MyFax, you can send any document to the targeted fax machine just by using email.

And there’s more…

MyFax is different compared to other online fax services since MyFax offers these benefits:

  • You get a toll free or local number
  • MyFax is totally reliable and has great support team. If you have any issue just contact them and they will answer you in a few hours.
  • MyFax is simple to use and pretty straight forward. You don’t need to be a tech geek to use MyFax.
  • By using MyFax, nothing will turn wrong.

MyFax is a award-winning faxing solution. If you are a tech geek, I am sure you know TopTenReviews.com. Even a good made software receives hard critique from them.

And guess what?

MyFax has been featured 5 years in a row from TopTenReviews.com. That means MyFax is really good.

Watch this YouTube video by TopTenReviews.com and judge it by yourself.

TopTenReviews.com: MyFax

Oh, you still don’t believe MyFax is good?

Okay. For your convenience I have compiled some reviews that I found from online forums and discussions. No edit, no tweak. Believe me, these are honest opinion by MyFax satisfy users.

  Source:  https://www.chatmeter.com/blog/google-confirms-responding-to-reviews-improves-your-local-seo/


Source:  http://www.indeed.com/forum/job/freight-agent-broker/internet-fax/t254394/p1


Source: http://www.linkedin.com/answers/technology/information-technology/computers-software/TCH_ITS_CMP/607082-16722091


Source: http://www.faxbeep.com/internet-fax-service/myfax?page=1

I think the three testimonials should be enough to convince you MyFax is the best online fax solution ever made.

Oh, you are worried to invest your money on something valuable that can make your task easier?

Don’t worry. You can try MyFax for 30 days for FREE.


If you are satisfied with them, keep using them. If not..

Thee is no ‘if not’ actually. I am confident that you are going to be the next satisfy user. Their services range from fax software to construction cost estimating software.

Click the TRIAL BUTTON and you are one step closer to make your job easier.

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