For the entire 2012, Celcom has offer great promotion and valuable features for their broadband packages. However, hearing the price RM25 per month for Celcom prepaid internet sounds quite ridiculous.

However with Celcom Broadband SKMM prepaid internet, you can really get an internet connection for a whole month just by spending RM25. Although there is no limit to the internet connectivity, there is still bandwidth quota allocated for the SKMM broadband. However you can still enjoy internet connection after achieving limit, but the speed will drop significantly.

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Maxis Devices Berhad is a Malaysian cellular program proprietor located at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Most of the organization’s talk about is managed by rich Ananda Krishnan. The organization has finish affiliates at 13.95 million as of Dec 2010.

Based on worldwide 3G technological innovation requirements, Maxis Wi-fiAwesome quantity online give you the independence to get online anywhere, whenever they want. With Maxis High-Speed 3G program, you’ll encounter a whole new way to look through, an entirely new stage of versatility. Find out more about it on Maxis website.

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Maxis Wi-fi Awesome quantity online is extensive range beyond your regular high-speed online access. When you indication up for our solutions, you can depend on an extensive range of advantages that put your needs before everything else.

You can look through 15 times quicker than conventional dial-up pc.

You can keep in contact, efficient and interested using the PC and programs you already depend on. Just add wi-fi pc and SIM card!

No set extensive range assistance is required. You will be attached to the Online on your pc via an invisible programs pc that uses a 017 SIM cards.

With our exclusive Home Discussion System, you can also make and/or get mobile cell phone phone phone cellphone phone calls via a set cellular mobile mobile cellphone that is attached to the wi-fi pc.

Receive one personal invoice for both internet and cellular mobile mobile cellphone utilization. Browse the web for up to 3 times (on battery) when you are viewing. So, check out the suitable plan for you today.

Currently there is also SKMM broadband for Maxis. Check out the video here to see how fast Maxis SKMM broadband. For RM25 per month, SKMM broadband really worth the price, especially for light internet user that use internet for Facebook and light surfing.

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Travel by MAS airlines is a convenient method for travelling far in a short time. The only problem to travel by plane is that to buy the ticket for the airlines. Since there is only a few MAS airlines platform in Malaysia, you may need to spend some time to go to the nearest agent to order ticket.

That’s the old method. You can also try the MAS Airlines online booking to book ticket. Check out for prices. This is the fastest way and don’t consume time at all. Sometimes if you visit the website at the right time, you would even come across a good deal of booking promotion. Besides ticket rates, you can even check the flight status and timetable for planes depart and arrive at MAS website.

The bad thing is they only accept payment from VISA and MasterCard. I am sure it’s better if they accept Maybank2u or other local online banking. For sure their customer will be increased since not everyone has credit card.

Besides that, Malaysia Airlines has also produced coupon code for those that want to book flight ticket with less price. MHcoupon is the new way for you to enjoy exclusive savings on Malaysia Airlines flight tickets instantly. The online coupon comes in the form of code like IFLYMAS or FOOTBALL2010, so no printing or cutting necessary!

Redeeming the MHcoupon is easy as getting one – just key in the coupon code during the flight booking process and the discount will be automatically given to you.

Besides that, MAS sometimes do give good discounts on their ticket fare. For those that want to enjoy flight travelling without spending too much money on ticket fare, you better do some Google searches before paying for the ticket. Sometimes you can find crazy offer given by Malaysia Airlines. To buy ticket with promotion prices, usually customer need to book their ticket online. You can do this easily by signing up with the main website and use your credit card to do the payment.

Other than MHcoupon, sometimes you can find special offers being given on MAS main website. Just go to their main website and check the deal of the day page to find latest working flight promotions. So what are you waiting for? Check Malaysia Airlines deal of the day today and enjoy some saving in flight ticket fare.

Always have confidence in MAS. This flight company has proven to give good quality and comfortable flight experience.

If you really want to travel with MAS but never do so before, please watch the Youtube video below to see how their online booking system works.