Celcom and Maxis are some of the big name among the company that provide good broadband package for an affordable price. Both are good in their own way. Although there are a lot of hot debate in determining the brand with the fastest and steady speed, the results actually differ based on location and other criteria.

If for certain reason you prefer Celcom broadband, here are some great promotion and plan pricing available.

Standard Celcom Broadband package

Here is the standard broadband plan for Celcom. You can choose to use Celcom Broadband Lite, Celcom Broadband Basic, Celcom Broadband Advance, or Celcom Broadband Pro.

If you are a music lover, it is a good idea to grab the Advance package as you can get 12 months access to Music Cube for FREE. Furthermore, RM98 per month for a 6GB data quota is a no brainer. With the speed of 3.6Mbps which is equivalent to 450KBps, you can download a 5 MB MP3 song in around 10 seconds. If you hear the song using online stream, I bet you will not experience any lagging or buffering at all (as long as you don’t press the forward button to jump).

Please be aware that the price below might be obsolete and thus differs from the current price. Thus make sure that you pay a visit to Celcom website to get latest price and promotion.

celcom plan package 2012

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So, what is 3G?

Based on Celcom formal website, 3G is like GPRS that using steroid. That means more speed. Cool huh?? Access high speed internet browsing as well as browse exciting content. You could watch blockbuster read up on financial news, and buy or sell on the fly.

Download and listen to your favourite hit song. Catch sports updates as they happen. Or even… get tickled with animated comic strips. Keep tabs on your pregnancy, if you’re to be or an anxious dad.

And it’s all through your 3G mobile phone. Anytime, when you’re on the go

Activate Celcom 3G

There are a few steps that you need to do to activate Celcom 3G service. Before proceeding, please make sure that your handset support GPRS or 3G (and Java or MIDP2.0) to use this service.

  • You must first upgrade your celcom simcard at Celcom centre. Any Celcom centre will do.
  • To activate it, use SMS to request the setting and configuration for 3G. Type SET and send to 20999.
  • Use the setting that you received to install. You can also get the settings and activate 3g by calling their Customer Service.

Celcom 3G issue

Of course the speed. I just wonder how long do we need to have speed like foreign country… Either for 3G or streamyx.

Celcom Broadband Special Offer

Voila… We are lucky to be Malaysian. Right now Celcom has offer great broadband package called Broadband SKMM 1Malaysia. This Celcom broadband prepaid is so cheap. Who can believe that for RM25 per month, one can enjoy internet connection for the entire month. Although there is data cap for the prepaid broadband, the user can still use internet. However the speed will reduce a bit.

Having a mobile internet connection is very important for most people. Especially for those that use to do business at all part of Malaysia. To do well in business or job, having an internet connection is pretty important.

That’s why before doing any meeting with your client, it is a good idea to check the connectivity of internet connection in the area. Knowing that, lot of entrepreneurs have been using Celcom Broadband since it is known for the fast speed and has huge coverage in Malaysia.

To check the coverage for Celcom broadband is pretty easy. You only need to go to this page and enter certain information such as postcode or street address. Then the system will tell you whether the location is covered by Celcom or not.

broadband coverage

Above is the website for the broadband coverage checker. You can see several text form that you can fill on such as point of interest, street name, area name, and also state. Sometimes the name of a city can exist in several locations. For example, you can find Sungai Dua in Penang and Sungai Dua in Seberang Perai. To check the coverage for the correct area, it is a good idea to choose the exact state instead of choosing all.

Last but not least, don’t forget to check the coverage for your Celcom broadband before doing any meeting with your client. Who knows you might need to use internet connection while dealing with your client.

Even Celcom themselves boasting all around the world that they are the telecommunication company in Malaysia with the widest coverage. Check out the Youtube video below to see a TV commercial about Celcom territory. Celcom is everywhere, whether in Sungkai, or even across the sea such as Penang.

PS: I love the theme song. Nicely compose.

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Do you think Samsung Galaxy Note is entertaining and has lot of features?

If so, I bet you want to know the price and plans available for the Galaxy Note in Malaysia.

samsung galaxy note price celcom

Since the fist time the phone published, the price is quite high that is around RM2300 but now the price has lowered a bit to below RM2000.

  • Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 – RM1600
  • Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 (16 GB)– RM1700

For casing, you can get wide selection for the Galaxy Note quite easily. The price is affordable and depend on quality.

  • Metal-Slim Samsung Galaxy Note with PU Carbon Coating  – RM70
  • Case-Mate Samsung Galaxy Note Tough – RM130
  • PC Case for Samsung Galaxy Note with Rubber Coating – RM70
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Screen Protector – RM20
  • Belkin Transparent Overlay 3 Pack For Galaxy Note – RM60
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Broadband SKMM or also called Broadband 1Malaysia has been distributed since early 2012. In my opinion, the broadband package is clearly a great bargain for those interested to have a mobile internet connectivity.

The SKMM Broadband comes in several version such as Maxis Broadband SKMM and also Celcom Broadband SKMM. The best feature of the broadband is the cheap monthly price. For a mere RM25 per month, you can enjoy internet connectivity for the entire month. The bandwidth for the broadband package is limited but you can still access the internet, only that the speed is reduced a bit.


Although the package is good, the SKMM SIM card is rare.By rare, I mean you can never find the SIM card being sell on mobile phone shop or retailer. Only selected agent can sell the SIM card. You can find the agent quite easily on the internet.

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Mobile phone is a technology gadgets that keep changing. The trends move so fast. Today you have a mobile phone which supports up to 2GB disk space and 5 mega pixel camera, and tomorrow suddenly you will hear that a new model that supports up to 5 GB disk space and 8 mega pixel is already out.

If you are someone that follow the trend, I am going to share with you a secret tips to help you sell your used mobile phone on classified platform such as eBay or Mudah.

I know you are quite worry to sell your phone online. Sometimes we heard bad news related to online business. Scamming is happening everywhere. However if you follow this guide, the chance for scamming to happen is minimal.sell used phone on mudah selangor

1# Never post the product before receive full payment

To avoid scammer that do not buy for a product, it is best to get full payment from them. Then you can start packing your mobile phone and send them using post express. To avoid future issue, it is best to pack the phones correctly. Make sure you wrap the mobile phone using span or bubble wrapping. You can get this item on supermarket for a cheap price.

2# Provide Cash on Delivery

If the buyer insists to pay only after the item arrive, you can forget him. Or you can suggest him to do cash on delivery. Setup a meting place with him and ask him to meet you there. By doing this, your buyer can verified the condition of the item. If the item is good like you mention on your listing in Mudah or eBay, the buyer will be more than happy to spend money for the used item.

3# Gain trust by linking to your profile

If you decided to sell your used mobile phone on Mudah.com, you should do this step to gain some trust. I believe you are active in certain forum. So make sure to promote your listing in the forum. Then you just need to put a link for the forum post in your Mudah.com listing.

The three steps above can significantly help you in getting a lot of potential buyer. Be aware that once you started the advertisement in Mudah classified, your phone and mailbox will be flooded with price query and negotiation. I believe Mudah is the best place to buy and sell online since you can list your product for free and the site especially Mudah.com Selangor receives thousands of visitors that are willing to spend money on something good.

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Besides Kuala Lumpur and Selangor, Mudah.com Penang is quite busy as well. Penang is an island that have lots of shopping places. Now Penang even have a shopping place focusing on digital items called Digital Mall. It is located in Komtar. Lot of things are sold here including DSLR camera, anti virus programs, and latest phones.

If you are one of the business owner in Penang especially in gadget business, it is wise to expand your business by selling your products online. The easiest platform to do this is by using Mudah.com classified site. Not only you can list products for free, the site even receives huge amount of traffics everyday.

Using online platform can boost your business daily sales thus means extra bucks at the end of the month. Here are some quick tips to help you get started in Mudah Penang. First, people will only buy from the person they trust. Thus if you are active in any forum such as Lowyat, it is wise to state the fact in your listing so that potential buyers know you are real. This is quite important as I have heard a lot of scammers in Mudah today.

penang bridge

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I have a friend living in Kuala Lumpur. He is someone that always follows the trend whether in clothing or equipments. When the latest gadget went out in the market, he will use Mudah.com.my Kuala Lumpur to sell his belonging as used item. For someone like him, it is okay to let go the previous items for low price as long as he can keep up with the latest gadget, especially electronic gadget or his newest clothing line from alpaca fabric which has been a hit in the market.

Doing business in Mudah My is relatively easy and simple. Unlike other classified sites in Malaysia that are complexes and have complicated layouts, Mudah keeps their site simple. The layout is clean and light in size.

It doesn’t matter where you originate. The procedure and process to use Mudah My is the same either for Selangor or Kuala Lumpur. Here is some steps that you need to follow to sell things in Mudah.

First you need to click Insert Ad that can be found in Mudah website. Then you will see a form. Fill the form with your details. On the forms, you can state your desired price and upload some pictures of the items that you are selling.

mudah kl

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Actually, it is not Mudah.com but Mudah.my. For those that do not know, Mudah is an online platform in Malaysia that works like a classified site. The best about Mudah is that it is a free platform.

Thus everyone can benefits from Mudah by selling items or buying items using the platform. Although Mudah Selangor is not the only state in Malaysia that can use Mudah classified site, it is no doubt that Mudah.my users from Selangor are the one that heavily use the classified platform.

Using Mudah, they can buy things online and sell things online. Some of my friend from Selangor always check Mudah prices to get good quality second hand items for a low price. Compared to other classified or bidding site such as eBay or Lelong, they find that prices in Mudah is the best of all.

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