The Samsung Galaxy Note is a revolutionary new device which begs transformation, whether at home or on the go. In the advent of new devices springing out like roses on a daisy farm, the Samsung Galaxy Note aims to differentiate itself by combining the phone and PDA as one, an entity which brings an entirely new experience to the user.

Harkening back to the early days of the PDA, when resistive screens were the rule of the land and touch pens were still a much included necessity, the Samsung Galaxy Note combines the modern form factor of the iPad with the efficiency of the touch input provided by olden-day PDAs to produce an utterly convincing and useful mix of the two.

It comes with a stylus pen included to write on it, so you can write down notes just as if you were using paper. Running on the 2.3 variant of the popular Android mobile operating system, Gingerbread, the Samsung Galaxy Note has been customized to allow users to draw on the screen and gain access to apps via custom gestures which Samsung has specifically created for the Note.

samsung galaxy note

Using the Note is like a dream come true, especially in my working life. I take a lot of notes in between my trips to different meeting rooms and back, and having to run back and forth to my office to rummage through my cabinet for the appropriate file is a chore, to say the least. With the Note, I can write everything down as a soft copy with the convenience of normal pen and paper input, and have all my minutes, presentations, documents and speeches right in my jacket ready to be fired up whenever I need them.

I would even go so far as to say that I wish I had one in my student days, where I could have replaced my heavy backpack and lecture notes with screen captures and touch screen notes.

With the Galaxy Note’s large screen estate and stylus pen input, my tablet note-taking needs are finally fulfilled. Just by having a Galaxy Note, I am sure you are just one step closer  to be the next employee of the month.

Disclosure: This entry is a part of campaign run by Unruly Media specially for Galaxy Note and is written as honest as possible.