Designing and printing a T-Shirt can be easily achievable by using heat press machine. Just by having the appropriate machine, everyone can open their T-Shirt business and gain a lot of profits from it.

However if you will like to diversify your T-Shirt printing business, it’s good to own a 6 in 1 heat press machine rather than the normal heat press. Besides t-shirt printing, the 6 in 1 heat transfer machine has the ability to print design on mug, plate, latte, flask, and cap.

These are a few good heat press machines that you can choose.

Heat Transfer Press Combo Press 6 in 1

Heat Transfer Press Combo Mug T Shirt Plates Cap 6 in 1 2xPlates+2xMugs ,Large Flat T Shirt Press 28cmx38cm +Cap.

  • Wrap around, All metal construction.
  • Digital temperature adjustment, Digital timer, Automatic constant temperature. Special silica gel mat makes the pressure more even
  • Self-adjusting pressure device.
  • Easy Heater Replacement.
  • Brand new and modern design
  • Comes with a full instruction DVD how to use heat press,easy for beginners


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