I am sure that most living human in earth like to spend time with friends. Some person just would not want to watch movie, eating or shopping if there is nobody to accompany him. If you are one of the person that always hang out with your friends, Groupon is a great website that can reduced your money expense. In the website, you can find lot of available coupons or tickets that can be bought in a bulk for huge discounts. Sometimes you can find coupon that give more than 50 percent discount.

cheap vacation package

If you like to travel or going holiday with your family, buying group coupon is the ideal solution. You can find a lot of cheap vacation package and travel package here. As long as you have credit card, you can easily get a vacation package at a cheap price without the need to get information from travel agent.

So what do you plan to do this weekend? Check the website and grab any huge discounts group coupons. Sometimes there are limits to the number of coupons, so think smart and grab fast. Another website where you can be a part of bulk purchase is Tumpang. Unlike Groupon, Tumpang is more towards items than vacation package or travel package.

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azurt azure tower defense

Azure Tower Defense is another map for Warcraft III. It has 40 rounds of chaos and mayhem. In Azure Tower defense, you can choose three type of  game that is solo, versus or cooperative.

Based from wiki:

Cooperative: Everyone teams up against the creeps, in an attempt to survive all the waves of creeps – Solo: Each individual player builds their own towers to defend themself. – Versus: Teams or players build their own towers and can summon creeps to the opponents towers.

If you are a fan of Warcraft, better try this game. Get Azure Tower Defense at Filefront Dot Com.

foxit reader download 2

A lot of people still use Adobe Reader to open PDF fomat file without realizing that they can actually use more light-weight application to open PDF file. Yes, Adobe Reader is really heavy and need long loading time.

If your main purpose is just to read content of the PDF file, I really suggest you to try Foxit Reader. 

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Sysreset is just like MIRC. The only different is sysreset has better downloading feature compare to MIRC.

With the normal MIRC, you need to do a lot of typing to CTCP a user to know which file is available for download. However, Sysreset has cover this weakness by having Server Tracker.

sysreset tutorial

Just as the picture above, the server tracker will show you all of available ‘sharer’ and you just need to click their name to enter their CTCP page. You can find the Server Tracker feature at the Sysreset tab.

Another important thing, you should load the fserve_tracker.ini and fserve_browser.ini first at the addon manager (still at the Sysreset tab).

That’s all. Enjoy your download.

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In this article I will cover about HTTP proxy only. Axtually, HTTP proxy is an IP adress. If you use proxy while surfing the net, your IP adress that is sent to the web server is changed too. This is what hackers do to make sure their their location can’t be detect.

HTTP Headers:

What happens when you visit a website? Let say that you enter www.yahoo.com, these are several things that involve:

(a) Domain name for Yahoo.com is changed to its server IP adress by using Domain Name System or DNS. (actually every website have their own IP adress such as but visitors will feel difficulty to remember those number. So domain name is created in order to resolve the numbers into words) .

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I have a friend who is quite rich. He likes to mod his pc and last week he just added another 2GB of computer ram into his motherboard making them 4GB total. He thinks that more speed means faster performance and that’s only half true.

computer ram upgrade

What is the function of computer ram?

When we open a program, our cpu will use some memory that is what we called memory usage. You can view your memory usage by going to task manager (ctrl + alt + del).

For me, I have 1GB of ram and only use xp. For my maximum usage, it only take around 750MB from my memory. So 250MB still free. So why do I need to bother to add my computer ram for larger memory?

Then why my computer shows slow performance?

I think you all need to understand that larger memory doesn’t mean faster performance however when your memory is not enough, let say you have 512MB memory but you use 650MB… from where the 138MB come from?

nikola tesla

As usual, Google will change their Google’s symbol on certain occation. As for today, they change their Google’s symbol to show gratitude to a great American inventor that is Nikola Tesla.

Borns on 10 July 1856, Nikola Tesla passed away on 7 January 1943. Pretty long isn’t it? He lived for 87 years. 

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  • motherboard can’t support every type of ram because different motherboard has different number of pin.
  • that’s why you need to know what type of ram your motherboard supports before buying.

Type of ram:

  • So-dimm (use in laptop, smaller than dimm)
  • Dimm (use in desktop)

Dimm type:

(1) Sdram (old type pc system)

  • can be categorised into PC100 and PC133.
  • has 168 pin.

(2) Ddr Sdram (also known as DDR1)

  • has 184 pin
  • can be categorised into PC1600 (DDR200), PC2100 (DDR266), PC2700 (DDR333), and PC3200(DDR400). 
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Phishing site is a site that create a clone site or a site that look exactly just as the other site that he want.

The main objective of phishing site is to get your email for spam purpose. However, most of phishing site want to get your username and password for the site so that the owner can access your account.

Phishing site is easy to make

Furthermore, phishing site is really easy to do. Just save the webpage that you want as html complete with  image and then upload it to your hosting server. After that you just need to tweak the coding for the login form so that the entered username and password will be save in their database. That’s all.

In most case, Rapidshare is one of the most targeted site for phishing since once they get you to sign in at the phishing Rapidshare site, they will know your premium Rapidshare username and password for sure.

In order to make you don’t realize that you are being phished,  they will a make a redirection coding so that you will be brought to the wrong password section at the real Rapidshare site. This will make you thing that it’s your own fault for entering the wrong password.

It looks all natural until you realize that you can’t login at your rapidshare premium account anymore since they have change your password. 

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