I am sure it will be a bizarre for you if you need to charge your mobile phone frequently. Just imaging what will happen when your mobile phone suddenly shows empty battery during phone call. One of the reason the battery for a mobile phone become empty quickly is because the charge capacity that it can holds become smaller due to aging factor. However, a battery can also last quicker if the user do not know how to manage his phone well enough.

To have your cell phone battery last longer than it normally does, you can try these steps.

  • Stop searching for signal whenever you are in an area with poor or no signal since your mobile phone will keep searching for signal with better connection. Doing so require more power from your mobile phone.
  • Turn the phone off whenever you think you are not going to use mobile phone.
  • Avoid vibration feature since it uses lot of power to vibrate the phone. Instead, just use the ring tone which consumes less power.
  • Do not use unnecessary features such as Bluetooth, camera phone, video cam, or listening to music.


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The battery of a mobile phone is the life of the mobile phone. Without a battery, a mobile phone cannot be on. And if the battery is weak, then the mobile user needs to periodically charge the battery. As time goes by, it is normal for a battery to become weak. However you can take precautions and necessary steps to ensure that your mobile phone battery can be in top condition as long as possible.

Learn about your mobile phone battery

It is wrong to think that every mobile phone use the same kind of battery. As for now, there is actually two type of battery that can be used inside a mobile phone. The first and oldest one is nickel based battery and the other one is lithium-ion based battery.


For mobile phone that uses nickel battery, it is recommended to wait for the battery to nearly empty state before charging it. This is due to the memory effect that reside within a nickel battery. Let say that you charge your mobile phone although 20% battery still left. If the mobile phone use nickel battery, then you might having trouble as the nickel battery will forget that there is already 20% charge left once charging start. That means, your mobile phone will show empty sign once you have use all of the 80 percent charge. Although in reality, there is still 20 percent charge available.

This is different than modern mobile phone that commonly uses lithium-ion battery. Since lithium battery does not have any memory effect, you do not have to worry when to start charging your mobile phone. Furthermore, lithium battery can automatically detect once the battery has full charge and will stop charging. Thus you do not have to worry about your battery become overcharge.

Initialize a new battery properly

Due to the memory effect of a nickel battery, you need to initialize it by charging the battery for 16 hours straight. If your first charge for the nickel battery is too short, then the battery has a possibility to hold less charge capacity than the maximum capacity. After that it is advisable to do fully discharge and then full charge again for several times.

For lithium-ion battery, 6 hours is enough to initialize the battery. Although your mobile phone has shown the battery is full within 3 hours, don’t worry about it and keep charging until 6 hours. For mobile phone that is using lithium-ion battery, just make sure to not let the battery to be fully discharged. Unlike nickel battery, the life of lithium-ion battery slightly reduced once full discharged happen.

Keep unused battery from heat

If you’re not going to use mobile phone for a while, it’s better to take out the battery from the mobile phone and keep it in a dry and cool place. If you want, you can keep it in refrigerator as long as you make sure to properly wrap the battery inside a plastic bag without no hole. Keeping the battery in cool place also keep the battery from operate. If you let the battery suffer heats, the battery life will drop significantly.

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The small size of a PDA  (Personal Digital Assistant) often makes people mistook it for a phone. Actually PDA is just a small version personal computer. If laptop means that the personal computer has a size of human lap, then there is no wonder for PDA to be called palmtop since it is a computer that can fit in a human palm.

Unlike mobile phone, PDA has no phone service. Common reason for most PDA users to use PDA is for the convenience of keeping notes and use utilities provided in PDA during travelling or meeting. PDA is the choice since it is light weight and small compared to laptop that is bigger and heavier. To ease user in handling the device, usually small keyboard and touch screen ability are provided. On todays PDA, almost anything that can be done on a desktop can also be done on a PDA. Feature such as internet connection, wireless, gaming, and MP3 player are integrated in most PDA.

PDA is easily mistook for a smartphone because of their looks. Compared to PDA, smartphone can be said as the advanced version of PDA with phone service integrated. In other words, smartphone is the combination of a PDA and a mobile phone.


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Once the new semester start, buying new text books has become the standard routine for every college student. Let say a book cost USD 40, four text books should cost around USD 160. That is for a semester. At least USD 320 needs to be spent for a year (two semesters). Believe it or not, most college students do not use the text book anymore after finishing the related subjects. Thus, the text books are going to be wasted inside the store, and become junk. For some smart students with business in mind, they would cut their loss by selling the unused books to juniors at very cheap price.

I know that money is important to every college student, thus why not trying to save your money as much as possible. Text books for education are indeed important but somehow the cost can be cut by renting the appropriate text books instead of buying the new one. Guess what, the renting price is really low compare to the original price of the book but you still get the same contents and information. And at the end of the semester you do not need to worry about finding the ‘victim’ to buy your second hand text books. Save you money and keep you away from headache. I am not sure about other renting service, but Valore Books handle shipping and returning of books for free besides providing cheap college textbooks for college. This is better than borrowing from library since you just need to spend your time at home to rent the related books.

cheap book renting


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I am quite a big fan of Rey Mysterio since he has many skills and he can fight against opponent that is more bigger than him.

However, Rey Mysterio was unmasked at extreme rules on 7 June 2009 by chris jericho. This is a total shock for me. I feel angry at Chris Jericho however maybe Rey Mysterio already agree for this scene. And of course this will make a good story line for the wrestling show.

Maybe this incident will become the metamorphosis for Rey Mysterio. Just like Kane, maybe Mysterio will become an entire person after he is unmasked.



Ps: Actually this is not the first time Rey Mysterio is unmasked. Besides, he also didn’t wear mask during WCW.