I am a good follower of Need for Speed racing game. Though Need for Speed Most Wanted is not the latest one, I am sure many gamers would feel Need for Speed Most Wanted as the best among other Need for Speed series.

The most notable difference about NFSMW is the storyline. Although the cut scene only appear in beginning and ending, at least you know what is going on. Here a bit about NFSMW storyline, you was a top racer in a city and then someone called Razor challenged you for a race. Razor used dirty trick to beat you. Not enough with that, he took your car too. That’s when you need to start your career as street racer again and make your way to the top so that you can fight Razor again.

career 100 

Beating Razor is not the hardest part. The real pain in the ass comes right after you beat Razor. The final stage that is so called The Final Pursuit needs you to escape the city in Pursuit Level 6. Pursuit Level 6 means you will face a lot of police car, almost everywhere.

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Better graphic technology compare to decade ago has enhanced gaming industry. Nowadays most teenagers never look back to the old games due to poor graphic and compatibility issue. Even though the reasons are solid, some of the olden games still strong in my heart; especially for Grim Fandago.

For those that like journey or adventure games, you are losing something if you never play Grim Fandago. Although you cannot die in this Lucas Arts game, don’t expect this game to be boring since the game play and storyline are top notch.

Since Grim Fandago was designed for Win 98/ME, you might have a little trouble installing this game in Windows XP, Vista or 7. Don’t worry so much as some hardcore coder had provided solution for those compatibility issue.

Here are some guidance to play Grim Fandago in Windows 7.

  1. Install Grim Fandago.
  2. Apply the patch that can be downloaded from Lucas Arts website.
  3. Setup compatibility setting in Windows 7 so that the Grim.exe application use Windows 98/ME compatibility.
  4. If you have sound or graphic problem, you may need to turn off 3D Graphic acceleration from DxDiag.

If you cannot install Grim Fandago at all, consider to use alternative launcher that is created by fan. That launcher also has the ability to keep Grim Fandago files in hard disk so that you don’t need to use CD anymore. Using the launcher, you can also play Grim Fandago in window mode.

Hope you enjoy being Manny Calavera.

grim fandago

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Ever go to Taiping? Without a doubt, Zoo Taiping sure is the biggest attraction in Taiping. Several newspaper have declared that Zoo Taiping is even better than Zoo Negara. Recently I went to Zoo Taiping with my friends. Suprisingly the price has increased a lot. If you wish Zoo Taiping, better prepare RM20 at least. RM12 for entry ticket, and the rest for food and drink.

The price maybe expensive as hell but I am sure you will get a good body shape once you finish the expedition. Aside normal looking Zoo, Zoo Taiping know how to leverage the attraction point by creating a fake Safari; so called Night Safari. I never go to Night Safari yet but most people I know prefer the day Zoo since you can see the animals clearly. However some of my friends prefer Night Safari as they can see certain rare animals show up. Yup, certain animal show during the day while some only appears during night.

And a piece of advice from me, make sure you went there before 6 pm or after 8 pm as the Zoo closed during the timeline.

  • Normal entry: RM12.00
  • Night Safari: RM16.00

Price maybe a bit expensive since visitors are allowed to bring camera without additional charge. The reason is simple, although you don’t paid for camera since you don’t bring one, you actually can use mobile phone camera to take pictures. Besides that, price maybe slightly differ if you are living in Taiping (based on your IC address).


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Older motherboard tends to only support IDE hard disk. If your motherboard is one of the old school type, then you may suffer if you want to use SATA hard disk. You can still use IDE hard disk but you can get better space for the same price if you buy SATA hard disk. Not only the price and space, SATA hard disk differ a lot than IDE hard disk in term of speed.

Instead of buying new motherboard that supports SATA hard disk, the better solution is to buy IDE to SATA converter that you can get from pc shop for not so expensive price. You can get it for RM15 – RM20. If your nearest PC shop doesn’t sell IDE to SATA converter, just buy it online. RM5 for shipping is not a big issue compare to the price that you need to pay for buying new motherboard.

Before you buy new hard disk for your PC, please at least know one thing; that is ATA and SATA is different though they sound quite similar. ATA 100 and ATA 133 have IDE port. It will be bad if you buy wrong hard disk thinking that your motherboard supports SATA.

ide to sata converter

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After end of the 3rd quarter of the year with stunning profit, opera comes with the latest mobile software which is opera mini 5.1 on september 9th, 2010. This version has already been released for Java, Android and BlackBerry phones and now available for others especially for my se w705 phone. Actually this version is updated from opera mini 4.2 which is widely used all over the world for mobile phone. With several updated features , opera mini 5.1 really make different and will lead the mobile browser for at least 2 years.

Here’s the summary of the stunning features that I said before.

Tabbed browsing….

Browse as many web sites at the same time. Change it from one to another with ease.

Speed Dial……

Just by one click, you can go to your favorite pages easily. Up to 9 space and you can bookmark any of your favorite site visually.

Long-click Menus…..

y hold the select button, you can perform actions such as opening in a new tab, copying and pasting. Just like your right hand click at the mouse.

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Command prompt is a non-graphical interface of a command-line interpreter which allows you to communicate with your Operating System (OS). Most modern computer now use Graphical user interface to communicate with OS so that it is easy to operate files and documents. However, there are certain programs and commands only available through command prompt. Enough for the introduction and let’s focus on our subject on how to open command prompt..

It’s easy …. just follow the steps below.

  1. Open ‘windows start page’.
  2. Click on Run.
  3. On the dialog box type ‘command’ or ‘cmd’.
  4. Hit enter and the command prompt will pop up onto you.

For windows vista and windows seven it’s much easier.

  1. On the search box, type ‘command’ or simply ‘cmd’
  2. Hit enter and there is your command prompt.

For example of command prompt usage is to check MAC address and ping IP address to check whether the server is online or not.

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    The first month of a university time was really hard for me. It’s not that difficult but redoes the assignments twice for all six subjects do make anyone frustrated and exhausted. It’s not totally my fault that I’ve to make it again, but it’s all due to a virus attacked all over the university computer and a adjacent zone. It will make your files seem to be hidden. Not just hidden, but totally hidden. No one can see those hidden files and was replaced by shortcuts. You can’t get access to the hidden file even you double-click all of the shortcuts. In fact, you’re not even know that your file still in there.

    Since we don’t have much time to retrieve those files or find any other ways to get that files back, we just redo all the assignments and it was really frustrating. Before that, we just try to scan the pen drive but no threat was detected. We use the latest Kaspersky database but still nothing. And the time to focus doing assignments begin…………

    But after sometimes, someone came out with the theory that the files were hidden by the virus-maybe he found it from the internet or something- and so, everyone start to find a way to unhide the files. I found something that really interesting to solve our problem by using attribute command from command prompt-actually from a friend of mine (credit to rezduan)-… Here’s the way to do it…

    1. Open command prompt. (Don’t know how to do it? refer to this article…) 2. Redirecting your command to the infected partition. eg: C:\Documents and Settings\user>F: The above example done if your pen drive is F: it may be G:, I:, W:, or anything… 3. The command will show the partition to be commanded. eg: F:\> 4. Simply type this, [attrib -h -s /s /d] eg:F:\>attrib -h -s /s /d 5. Wait until the hidden files being retrieved.

    If you’re familiar with the command prompt.. You can just type this from the beginning….

    1. ATTRIB -H -S [[drive:] [path] filename] [/S [/D]]

    I will explain the meaning of -h, -s, /s, /d later, ok? Hope it’ll help you and see you later…

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    hye.. It’s me again. Last time i wrote about WordPress is the easy step to have a wordpress blog’s account.(read-article) So now i assume that you already have your own blog. Today i would like to share with you te easiest way to customize your blog so that it’ll be neat and well-structured.

    Here’s the idea,  how to add theme, change background and header. For someone who is familiar with social networking, well-acquainted with marketing peripherals and hubspot competitors, changing theme, background and header won’t be a difficult task.  For this to make sense, I divide it to three part which every part explain each of the style briefly.


    1. Sign in/log in to your own WordPress account so that and directly go to the dashboard of the blog.
    2. At the left side of the dashboard part you’ll find various selection. Under ‘Appearance’ you will find theme selection. Click on theme.
    3. Choose from the available theme offered.
    4. Preview any theme that touch your heart and feeling.
    5. Don’t forget to click ‘save changes’ when you’re done.

    A moderate computer user might only know the different versions of OS such as Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. They aren’t aware that each version of Windows still can be categorized in a few versions such as Home Premium, Professional and Ultimate.

    The cheapest version of Windows 7 is Windows 7 Home Edition, follow by Windows 7 Professional, and Windows 7 Ultimate.

    For easy understanding, you can take a look at the figure below to see the comparison between Home Edition, Professional and Ultimate version of Windows 7.

    Windows 7 Ultimate is of course the best choice if you have extra bucks in pocket; otherwise it’s better to have the Professional version. I don’t really recommend Windows 7 Home Premium since it lacks a lot of feature.

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