WUS is one of the university requirement subject in USM. WUS is a subject that teach students about entrepreneurship. One of the task that need to be fulfill by students who take this subject is to open their own business and then make complete report about it. Despite that, food and drink business are not allowed.

Compare to last year and two years before, expo for WUS 2010 (3 Mac) was not held around Lecture Hall anymore but was held at Lembaran Cafe. I am sure the idea to choose Lembaran Cafe as expo base is a good idea since there are a lot of people around Lembaran Cafe than Lecture Hall.

Okay, firstly lets see the award for The Most Attractive Booth. There it is. Looks simple but the birds origami sure make

I am a die hard fan of Opera browser. For me, Opera make my surfing easier and it gives me more speed compare to other browsers.

After a few month using Opera 10, now the latest version that is Opera 10.5 is already released for download. In Opera 10.5, the main menu is turn into a button that is just like Microsoft Office 2007 main menu sytle. Thanks for the compact main menu, Opera user can now enjoy bigger view of web page.

If you never use Opera browser, the information below might help you (based on the Opera 10 Beta, so might be out of date).

What’s new in Opera 10

Opera Turbo:

  • By using compression technology, Opera state that they can deliver a few times more than the speed of slower connection. This will really help dial up users.

Visual Tabs:

  • This is the new awesome function in Opera that really cool. Now you can expand the title bar and view all of the tabs that you open at the same time.


Have you heard about Amazon? Amazon started by selling books at small scale by using internet as the medium and now Amazon is already a big name in virtual world. Amazon can be said as an online bookstore that can be trusted.

That’s for the international online bookstore. To buy from Amazon, you need to pay in USD and it might takes weeks before your order arrive. So, before you buy in Amazon, I recommend you to check out a few online bookstores that available in Malaysia first. Not only the price is cheaper (less courier tax), I am sure the books that you ordered will be arrived within a week.

Teja (short form for Temasya Jaya) is a carnival organized by a hostel society in USM Engineering. Although it’s organized by a hostel, the participation is opened to all USM students.

As usual, you can see a lot of games and events during Teja. In Teja you can show your gaming skills by participating in PES (Professional Evolution Soccer), Counter Strike, or the most addictive game; Dota.

Dota sure is a game with lot of fans. You can see how many people watch the Dota figh in this Dota Tournament. Perhaps they want to improve their Dota skills by observing other people playing styles. 

Due to the need of some original pictures in this blog, I had bought a Sony Ericsson K770i mobile phone. Before this I only use VGA mobile pone (Motorola V36) because I don’t see a need to have a mobile phone with better camera performance.

At Mac 2010, you can get K770i for not more than RM500. But to get the 5MP original C901, the cost is not less than RM780 (at Mac 2010). Although the prices is much higher than K770i, I doubt that the camera performance will be a lot better. On the other hand, no matter how big the resolution is, at last I will convert it to 500 pixels at most (for blog post). That’s why I choose K770i, the 3.2MP camera already make me satisfied.

That’s the first rule for choosing mobile phone. Know your needs and budget.

Career Fair 2010 (old name was Ekspen) is held in USM Seri Ampangan (Engineering Campus) from 2 to 3 Mac. This Career Fair is meant to final year students so that they can find related companies to be interviewed for job. Gold sponsor for this event is Shell, the giant company in oil industry. Even on the Career Fair committee members’ shirt has Shell’s logo. Wonder how much they sponsored this event.

In contrast to Career Fair, there is mini program for secondary school students called FEC. This program is meant to open the student eyes about universities education and courses offer. I think this mini program is very useful so that students will choose course according to their interest.

So, what’s new in this year Career Fair? To me, 2010 Career Fair looks a little like museum. Why I said so?

Who do not know Dell, a big name in computer related business. Talk about Dell, he actually start his business while in college. At the time, computer set is still new to society. Not many people who can install computer by their own. Looking at this chance, Dell start his business at small scale. He buy computer parts at cheap prices and then he installed all of the parts into complete PC by himself. That’s just the start. Now Dell has their own model of computers and parts (such as Dimension Memory and Dimension RAM).

I believe a lot people should find Dell price is among the best price available in buying PC. Two years ago, my friend bought himself a set of Dell computer. The price is affordable and the spec is really awesome. A lot of big companies also preferred Dell computer as their server. This is nothing to be surprised since Dell computer is said to be top notch in reliability and performance.

Despite a powerful computer, user still need to know that computer memory (RAM) plays a major role in a delivering computer performance and efficiency. Dimension Memory Upgrade might be a good choice to find suitable ram especially ram that related to server computer. Not only for Dell, but for other platforms too. No matter how powerful a computer is, the performance will be bad if the memory size and speed isn’t suit to the processor speed.

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By looking at its title “spartacus” many perception flashing through my head and the most popular and the strongest one is its relation with word spartan..yeah..maybe this series will tell us about something related to spartan time and its legacy. Something about history that left us thousand years ago.. it was passed in about hundreds centuries. But the story and its glory remain in our life and pass through mouth to mouth. On that time, I think that i am the happiest person when starz (America tv channel) announce its intention to produce a series related to ancient history since I love history and I can sit even 5 hours to read, hear and watch anything about ancient history. It’s really interesting and amazing.

But after sometimes, I get to know that Spartacus is not about spartan heroes but it appear to be a man from Thracian ethnicity who was forced to be a roman gladiator which is played by Andy Whitfield. Spartacus is his name on that show and he actually will come back to fight against Roman Republic as a leader of all slaves. On the last week of December, the producer of this series announce that ‘there will be the second season of this show’ even on that time, the pilot of this season wasn’t aired yet.

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