Accessing internet from campus or office are troublesome when the people upstairs use Fortiguard to block certain websites; especially Facebook and YouTube. When that happen, you can try several method to access those blocked websites.

Firstly, you can try to use proxy to access blocked website. You just need to find the correct proxy that provide stealth ability and then put it into your browser. By doing this, the proxy is mapped onto your IP address, thus enable you to access blocked websites that are restricted according to IP address.

Then you can try to use web based proxy application such as .There are tons more website like that but it kinda uncomfortable to access website inside a frame. The reason you can bypass your network protocol is because you are actually accessing those blocked website from the SSLunblock server.

If you need more neat way to bypass your network restriction, try to use Hotspot Shield or Hamachi software. Both of them are reliable in securing your IP and let you access internet privately.

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atx_power_supplyIn getting personal computer (PC), customer always made the wrong decision when choosing power supply (PSU). Power supply is a thing that you need to consider in case you want to upgrade your PC later. Some people are stingy and bought less power PSU because it is cheaper. However the problem will come once they decided to add more components to their PC. You must remember that when your power supply can’t supply enough power to the PC components, the PC performance will slow down or leading to crash. Some said that PSU problem could also damage the PC parts.

With the new series aired on Starz TV on Saturday night, probably our children and we have the right time to watch TV together. But, you have to aware with the consequences for giving your children to watch Spartacus Blood and Sand. Classics tale of the republic stories, start with betrayed by Romans. Forced to slavery. Reborn as a Gladiator. Then, lead the rebellion against Romans.

1. Violence.

Within 60 minutes of the first episode for this Spartacus series, I can barely say that 50% of the show contains the violent act from free hand fighting until bloody fight using sharp metal like chopper, sword and spear. Nobody can deny that gladiator arena must have those bloody fighting actions which brought to us through tv cable. Can’t imagine how they

I am sure you already noticed that most of the posts in this blog have at least one image in it. Since embedding image is only optional task, I do not want to spend a lot of time in editing it. That’s why Adobe Photoshop is not my choice since it needs more times to load. Besides that, Adobe Photoshop is not free.

How about Paint? Nah.. Don’t even remind me about that. Paint really lacks functionality and doesn’t satisfy me at all.

After save, snap or print screen a picture, I usually use one of these two free picture editor software for editing tasks. If you are a blogger, these two soft-wares are essential.

IrfanView review

  • Irfan View is really a light weight picture editor. I always use Irfan View to paste and then resize the picture to certain size. The best about Irfan View is that the picture will remain its quality although after resizing.
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I am sure a lot of you know these popular websites, but do you ever know whether the websites have their own offices or buildings? If the websites are very popular, I am sure there should be offices somewhere to handle the websites.

Google office

Who do not know Google. The top search engine right now. If you really do not know what is Google, you don’t deserve to live in this virtual world. Even I will tell people to “Google it” although I only mean for him to use search engine. Google has offices in many countries but I am not sure about Malaysia. There is rumor that said Google is going to set up an office in Malaysia.

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Do you want to enhance photo and applying effects but you don’t have the skill? You have nothing to worry because you can get a lot of cool effects at PicJoke. You do not need to learn Adobe Photoshop or PhotoScape. By using PicJoke, you can have the chosen picture to be enhanced in few seconds.

I am sure some of your friends can confuse whether the picture is real or using picture editing software since the results look so good. Perhaps they even think that you edit the picture by yourself. Wow, you just earned a credit for nothing.

By using PicJoke effects in blogging, a blog post will look more attractive and fancy. I’ve tried PicJoke effects on a logo and you can see the results below. Cool huh?

5 easy steps to start blogging by using wordpress…

Start blogging by using wordpress..?? what an easy task actually…who want to know bout this..? start blogging by using wordpress is one of the most simple things in blogging. But after giving a hard thought about it, I think this post is still relevant. Imagine, how much baby was born in last decades. It also represents the new baby within 2 billion internet users who was born without any knowledge about blog and start to rising up. This post totally a quick preview for someone who really want to start a blog but don’t have enough knowledge to do so. Hope this post will be a kick start for you to share anything with other through internet or even be the best blog-master ever.

As a students, I need to print a lot especially from PowerPoint file. As a way to save ink and paper, I believe most students will compact 4 slides of Microsoft PowerPoint into one A4 page. Although it save ink and paper, printing in PowerPoint is not good enough since the size for a slide is not the biggest.

Yes, there is actually a way to maximize the size of a slide (for multiple slides per page printing only).

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A friend of mine decided to upgrade his LCD monitor. I don’t sure why he want big LCD, perhaps he want more satisfaction in playing games. Oh, imagine playing ‘dota’ and ‘Counter Strike’ by using 22 inch monitor. Of course you can detect your enemies easily. No wonder I suck at gaming since I am only using 15 inch LCD.

There is a lot of website that enable you to sell your belongings online. My friend had tried Lelong but he claimed Lelong is not user friendly enough. Lelong has a lot of features such as bidding and buy now however there is a lot of requirement to do that. You need to verify your account and you also need to have credits in Lelong to use those features. Just for selling a LCD, it is not worth to put a lot of time in it. So Lelong is not a good choice.

    Director: Dwight H. Little

    Release Date: 2010 – Not Yet Confirmed

    Actor: Jon Foo – Jin Kazama Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa – Heihachi Mishima

Have you ever played the Tekken game on either Playstation, Xbox, Arcade or other consoles that offer this type of fighting game??

I think most of us has or had played the game before.. Neverless try to play or see other’s playing the game. .  I just found this trailer on the live action movie of this game that will be coming soon on the cinema maybe on the year 2010.

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