MKV video format usually contains video, audio, and subtitle in a same file. That means sometime subtitle file is already embedded inside the MKV file. However, user tends to get problem regarding MKV subtitles. Even for me, the subtitle isn’t showing although I’ve tried many ways. Media Player Classic and Windows Media Player did not work for me. I am sure that there are a few ways that can be done to make the MKV subtitles work with Media Player Classic, but I am too lazy to go through all the hassles.

Then I cross upon a video player called KMPlayer. Although the name is still new to me, this video player works greatly. It shows subtitle very well and you can even adjust the subtitle size easily. Besides

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If you followed Lost tv series starting from the first season, I am sure you must really awaiting for this final season which will conclude a lot of mysteries and secrets along all of the Lost season. I like the way how the director make this series more attractive by inserting flashback and sometimes fast forward between the current time.

Although Lost season 6 is already out, ASTRO (AXN) is really slow because they just showed Lost season 5 first episode last week.

Here I list a few mysteries that I think will be solved in this final season. Beware, contain spoilers. Don’t continue if you still do not watch the previous season (unless you want to be spoiled).

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Have u ever wondered that you can open up to more than two Yahoo Messenger (YM) at a time??

Yes.. With a simple tweaks on the registry, two or more YM account can be open once at a time..

Wanna learn how? Only 6 steps are needed to make this tricks..

1st Step:-

Click “Start” –>> Run –>> Type regedit –>> Open HKEY_CURRENT_USER

Sometimes people always overlook something that is actually simple to do. For example, do you know that there is a way to print a lot of files in one click? Usually you need to print Microsoft Word documents that contains in different files. Certain people will open the file one by one, and print it one by one. Too much time needed and wasting time.

If they tried to learn about Operating System a bit more, they will know that they can actually print in a bulk by selecting all of the Microsoft Word files, right click and then press ‘Print’. Done. So easy. In contrast to printing the document files manually, you cannot edit the file first or change how the files are going to be printed. Usually I would choose ‘

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Facebook without a doubt is really a powerful web application. I have use Friendster before this and I find that Friendster is more into fun but Facebook is different. Although Facebook support a lot of application such as games, there are a few features in Facebook that suitable for organization and corporate. There is professionalism in Facebook especially the Facebook group and fan page. Although requiring a little help from companies like the Marketing Heaven, many businesses start off on Facebook to later go onto become successful ventures.

Facebook group vs page

Firstly, you can create Facebook group here and create fan page at manage Facebook pages. However you need to login into Facebook first before you can see the related pages.

At first, I am very confused about the Facebook group and the fan page. I couldn’t see what is the difference between those two. After trying and experimenting, these are what I concluded.

Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief is about Zeus weapon, a powerful lightning which is stolen. Zeus blame Poseidon’s (the God of sea) son for the stolen lightning although the son (Percy Jackson) himself doesn’t even know that he is a son of an Olympian God. Since there is a rule by Zeus that state that a God cannot make a contact directly with his son, Percy Jackson always think that his Dad abandon him and his mom.

In this movie you can see how Percy Jackson learn about his history and going to a quest to prove that he is innocent. You will see Percy Jackson and friends fight a lot of mystic monster in this movie.

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I am sure you are already aware that sometimes Google change it’s logo (also called as Google doodle) according to certain events or important dates.

Currently, Google is changed it logo so that people aware about Vancouver 2010. For me, what Google did is a good way to increase the awareness among internet user about important dates and even about history. Yes, Google also likes to change it Google doodle to appreciate certain figure.

Usually Google changes the doodle according to event that isn’t related to any company such as Valentine’s Day or New Year. But this times I smell something fishy about this Vancouver 2010. To me, it looks like Google received an amount of money for the Vancouver Google doodle. Perhaps Google doodle is a new type of advertisement at Google.

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Even in a big office, there should be a time where the number of staff is not enough. During the time, a lot of problem arise such as there is not enough hand to answer client’s call or more worse if it is the call from potential client. Although it looks nothing, such issue can actually affected a company name. Not only the company lose potential client, the current client will feel that the company is not serious enough in doing their job.

In this case, an automation dialer service systems can be a great help to a company or even to a person working alone. Hosted Auto Dialer Service Systems can help in managing outbound calls (the calls when no one answer). Let assume that you are a web master who design and create website. Since you are working alone, there should be a lot of time you are not available at your desk to answer incoming phone calls. What if

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I am sure there are still a lot that do not know what actually VoIP phone is. Basically, VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. This type of phone will take analog audio signal from phone and then turn it into digital data that is suitable to be transmit by using internet. VoIP phone can be a cheaper method to do communication if you know how. You just need to have VoIp software and of course the VoIP phone to pull the trick.

Imagine how much you can save by using VoIP phone instead of normal phone. You do not need to worry to contact your friends that is living in oversea anymore. Instead of using Yahoo messenger or Skype to talk with your friends, why not having a real feeling of conversation by having a VoIP phone. I am sure both of you will be satisfied.

However, VoIP phone can be pricey and expensive. This is nothing to be surprised since VoIP phone offer great features and functions. Lucky because you can still get refurbished VOIP phone systems at cheaper price that are available at

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A lot of women and men have a few extra inches of unwanted weight. This could be due to overeating or lacks of physical exercise to keep one body in good shape. Different people may behave differently in terms of eating. Some people  do not gain weight although they eat a lot but some people really affected if they eat more than they supposed too.

It is very important to understand yourself so that you will not suffer from extra weight or obesity. You may think that having a little extra weight is okay but it is actually not. A lot of overweight person especially women have low self esteem. They don’t feel confident in doing something especially the things that related to social life and serious relation ship. They feel that their look have become a burden to them.

If you think you are already overweight, there is a few measure you can take. Usually people use liposuction to remove fat and extra weight in a short time. Even top actress such as Sandra Bullock  and Britney Spears also doing liposuction to get the desired body shape in certain places. By doing liposuction, you do not need to spend much time and you do not need to worry about dangerous side effect because of chemical use. Furthermore, vaser liposuction in Chicago already has great technology called Smart Liposuction that gives patient minor pain and faster brushes recovery.

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