Sometimes, you need more than one email ID. Maybe you need an account for friends and another account for business purpose. However do you know that you can have 2 yahoo email ID but using the same mail box?

This feature in Yahoo mail really help me. Originally, I have an email account that are using weird nickname. In my opinion such nickname is not suitable for education purposes. Thanks to Yahoo mail.  I can have extra email ID without the need to register for new accounts.

Ever wonder why there is so many svchost.exe when you open the task manager application??

And why are there so many under different processing condition??

svchost.exe is actually a multiple service in one process that allows to save memory by reducing the process by cutting down the number of processes needed to be running.

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the spy next door

  • Actor: Jackie Chan
  • Director: Brian Levant
  • Release date: 15 Jan 2010

Just watched this movie last night at AEON Seberang Prai City Shopping Centre (Perda, Bukit Mertajam). In my opinion, this movie is great to watch with family since it has a lot of humor and jokes. If you expect this movie to be the same as Police Story, then you are gonna be disappointed. However, Spy Next Door still has Jackie Chan action that worth to be seen

Bring your family or girlfriend to watch this movie. I am sure you will have fun especially when you see the cute little girl talking (the little girl with pink clothes in the poster).

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Nowadays hand phone has become essential tool in our life. It is really weird if you know that someone doesn’t have at least a hand phone. Even my kiddo neighbor who is 8 years old has hand phone. Damn lucky. My first hand phone is in college. While for a friend of mine that involved in business, he needs two hand phone to manage his life. One for personal use and the other for business. I am also sure that some of you have three hand phone because it is easier to manage three girlfriends with that.

Without noticing, hand phone actually is dangerous and harmful. Below I list a few reasons why you should stop to use hand phone.

Google is indeed an interesting search engine. Last night I try to search the keyword ‘how to’ and the I saw a search box from display along the Google listing.

This is something interesting for me and this is the first time I’ve seen something like this. Thinking that Ehow has their own search box in Google listing, Wikipedia should has too.

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Internet Download Manager (also called IDM) is a great tool to download from internet. By default, IDM is fast enough but there is actually a way to make it more faster. Moreover, you can do it in just 5 simple steps.

5 Simple Steps In Adjusting The Setting For IDM To Make It Download More Faster

  1. Under the ‘Download‘ menu, click ‘Option‘.
  2. Search for the ‘Connection‘ tab.
  3. Select the connection type/ speed and choose ‘Lan 10Mbs‘ and turn to ‘10000000‘ next to the Lan 10Mbs.
  4. Change the default max connection number to ‘16‘, that is, the maximum number of connection.
  5. Lastly Hit the ‘OK’ button and you’re ready to go and download more faster using Internet Download Manager.

After downloading the ISO file of any live CD distribution, you can either burn it in a CD / DVD as a live CD or make it as a live USB. For me, I prefer live USB because the live CD distribution always improve from time to time. If you use USB, you can delete the old distribution and rewrite it.

Besides that, certain live CD distribution such as Puppy Linux only has 100MB in size. It is a waste to use a CD / DVD for something small like Puppy Linux.

There are a few ways to turn your pen drive into a live USB. However the easiest way is by using a software called Unetbootin.

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Fanbox is a social networking website such as Facebook and Friendster. The only different is that Fanbox collect members that like movies. Based on Google, Fanbox is among the fastest uprising website. However I am sure that it is not because the website is good but due to their spamming activity.

Some internet nerd may mistook that the spam invitation is sent by their friend. This will not be the case for Malay people since it is really rare to see your Malay friend send you an email in English.

As the the world come to the new decade, Fanbox also has become better by sending spam in Malay. I am worry to unsubscribe the Fanbox mail since this will either stop the spam or increase the spam that I receive. This is because they will know that my email is active by unsubscribing.

Beware with Fanbox.

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Piala Malaysia isn’t like EPL that has a lot of fans. There are many website that publish live updates of English Premier League. Compare to EPL, Piala Malaysia is not attractive enough.

Based on Alexa ranking, I assume that current Malaysian prefer gossips and politics compare to national sports. For those who still do not know, Alexa is a website that rank all websites in the world. Low rank means higher traffics.

Based on Alexa ranking, the highest ranking for website about Malaysia football is Harimau Malaya; a forum for ‘Malaysian Bola Maniac’. Compare to gossips and politics blogs that rank below 100’000 in Alexa, Harimau Malaya only rank 300’000. However I am sure this number will continue to

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sherlock holmes movie review

I am sure most of us has in mind that Sherlock Holmes supposed to lack in action and only suitable for nerd. However I am sure the Sherlock Holmes that will be play in this Christmas will change our opinion.

Just by watching the trailer, I am confident that the Sherlock Holmes cast by Robert Downey Jr will bring a new perspective towards Sherlock Holmes. In this movie, we can see a lot of action and not just dull investigation. Besides that, we can see the other side of Sherlock Holmes that are skillful in fighting. 

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