3d pictures illussion

When I was kid, my brother bought a book that contains 3D illusion of Casper. The picture is like an abstract image but if you focus closely to the picture, suddenly the picture will become blur and then an image suddenly pop out of the picture, revealing the 3D illusion image.

If you see the abstract picture above using the correct technique, you should see a Saturn planet pop out from the picture. I still wonder if there is any kind of software to easily do this. 

Captain America - 004

Finally the patriotic hero; Captain America gonna do his debut in movie. Captain America is about Steve Rogers who was born in a poor family. Despite having sickness and frail body, he has high determination. When Nazi going berserk in Europe, Rogers wish to join army but was rejected due to his sickness and frailty.

Because of his determination, a General offered him to take part in special experiment that is Operation: Rebirth. After series of test, Rogers body turns into a perfect body. He then is send for physical and tactical training and return back as Captain America, the leader of Avengers.

Directed by: Joe Johnston

Theatrical Release: Friday, July 22, 2011

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  • New suits
  • New enemies
  • Same attitude

Iron Man 2 happen 6 months after the ending of the first movie. I am sure Iron Man 2 will be entertaining because this time all of the world are already known the identity of Iron Man. In this sequel also, a scientist from Russia make his own power suit to fight Iron Man.

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hfs tutorial

HFS is the shortform for HTTP File Server.

The main purpose of HFS is to share file easily without the need to setup your own server such as apache cause HFS itself is a server. Furthermore, we can track the file is downloaded from us.

To access your HFS, once need to type your IP address in their browser. Before that, you need to make sure that you already switch ON the HFS. You can see this by right clicking at HFS taskbar.

Using HFS we could know:

  • The downloader IP address
  • The total size people download from us
  • The time left for the download process

Besides that, visitor could upload files to you too. And then, there is also Folder Archive option at the default HFS template. Using Folder Archive, it is possible for visitor to download a folder that contains a lot of files by using one click instead of downloading those files inside the folder one by one.

HFS doing this by automatically make the file as archive file when Folder Archive is used.

Get HFS here >>

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If you have not watch this movie yet, it is good idea to find a 2 hours and 45 minutes to go to the cinema and watch this. There has been a long time since I get to see a really long movie after Titanic and Benjamin Button (Bollywood movie shouldn’t be count).

Feel the new world in Avatar

I feel really satisfied with Avatar graphic. This movie should not be watch at a small screen TV cause you can’t feel the wonderful graphic of this movie. Furthermore, the scripting is good enough for me. Although some said they had seen certain scenes in Avatar in a few movie before, I am sure those are just a coincidence and do not really effect Avatar story line.

time warp

Time warp is a science television program. Based on its name, I thought this series is related to space time travel or kinda like jumper that can teleport through space. However it is actually about a group that crazy to learn about motion.

They film many events using high speed video camera, and then they play it back using slower motion. Perhaps I like matrix movie that make me love this movie too. Time warp tries to discover what actually happen in a certain process.

For example, they simulated a car crash and then view it in slow motion to know how the car crash each other and what actually happen in the short time. If you like National Geographic, you will love Time Warp for sure.

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new yahoo mail 2

I have a hard time using Yahoo mail before because I cannot find the button to delete all of my inbox in a go. However, once I moved to the new Yahoo mail, all of my messages is sort in one page. Making it easier to download more than 1000 messages in a click.

Furthermore, I feel easier to read mail using the new Yahoo mail because I do not need to change window to read new mail or pressing back button to access another messages.

However, the new Yahoo mail seems to use quite a lot of resource cost I feel a little lagging during access.

new yahoo mail

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Do you like korean drama? I am sure most of you are. The reason I like korean drama is because they know how to cheer a drama with songs and melody. I really like how the songs is blending in Korean drama such as My Girl, Witch Yoo Hee, Sassy Girl Chun Hyang and Cinderella Man.

Watch Korean Drama online

You can watch korean drama online at MySoju website. Although this website looks really simple, the visitors are very high. Who will guess that such website could rank below 5000 in Alexa with just online Korean Drama as the main purpose.

Besides that, MySoju never host the drama itself. They just link the video from other video hosting sites such as youtube, dailymotion and metacafe.

mysoju watch drama online

Enjoy high quality original Korean Drama with your friends

Don’t let the slow streaming and low quality ruin your mood

Watch on home TV and relax on sofa without any buffer

first step picture

Hot Korean DVD offer

I know a lot of Korean drama fans love MySoju because we can watch the latest episode of any Korean drama. Usually it takes time for a Korean drama to be aired in national TV. However once the DVD version is out, we should show our support by buying the original one.

If you feel that buying something that you already watch is a waste, you can choose to buy Korean music collection. Some of the collection is rare and hard to find. You can grab this chance to show off the music collection to your K-fan friends.

For 2011, these DVD are among the hottest deal that you can get for Korean music.


 jejung picture   super junior latest pic

Enjoy high quality original Korean Drama with your friends

Don’t let the slow streaming and low quality ruin your mood

Watch on home TV and relax on sofa without any buffer

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There are many times when my friends need help regarding their PC. It was troublesome for me to go to their room just for a quick problem. If only I know how to use remote desktop earlier, my life will be easier.

What does Remote Desktop do? It allows us to view our PC through another PC. That’s mean you can ask your friend to enable his remote desktop and do work on his PC from your PC. Very exciting.

However, the main PC will automatically log off once you connect to the PC using remote desktop. One one connection is allowed at a time using remote desktop.

Enabling Remote Desktop

To access your PC from somewhere else, firstly you need to turn on Remote Desktop at system properties. Check both for Remote Assistance and Remote Desktop at the System Properties. 

I am a big fan of Opera ever since version 9. And now version of Opera 10.10 is a lot better with new features. To download latest Opera Browser, you can go to Opera Dot Com.

Opera Unite:

opera unite

  • Opera Unite makes your PC as a server. Using Opera Unite, you can share photos, files, stream music and do many other great things based on Opera Unite applications that available.
  • Since Opera Unite makes your PC as a server, it is easier to share files and photos since you do not need to upload the file to somewhere else. All file will be download directly from your local machine to  the downloader. 
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