Sometimes we need to search different keywords by using Google. So we need to open a different tab for each keyword. How about if we can open a few Google websites in a same tab? This would definitely save our time since we can compare of the results at the same time.

google tabs

There is no way to do it? Yes, there is no browser plugin for such trick but you can do it at GoogleGoogleGoogleGoogle Dot Com. At the website, there are 4 frames that contains Google websites. That’s why

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waterproof bag

Gadgets such as camera and handset have become necessity for most of us. We always use camera and handset to record pictures during an activity and we always use MP3 to cheer us from boredom. Because of that, it is important to take care of your gadgets in order to avoid unfortunate event.

Aware of the need to has something that can protect gadget, HyperGear has introduced a quality waterproof pouch. This pouch would protect your gadget from water so you don’t need to worry about rain or river.

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While surfing the web, I stumble upon Dusun Eco Resort website. This brings back the memory during my secondary school where my school make a study visits to Dusun Eco Resort (in Pahang).

Although I hesitated to go at first since I think that ‘dusun’ should be something bored, however I feel really lucky once I see the beauty and the facilities. If you want a place that you can do a lot of activities, Dusun Eco Resort is the right choice.

Dom Dom Soft software is the easiest way to download manga from online manga websites such as OneManga, MangaFox or MangaHut. Some people (especially me) do not like to read manga online due to certain reasons. For my case, I do not like to wait the page to buffer since it will disturb my mood to read manga. For some people, they like to keep the downloaded Manga as collection.

So, how to download manga using Dom Dom Soft?

Step 1:

  • After downloading the software, open it. You can use the search mode to find the related Manga. You can even filter it to the appropriate online Manga sites.
  • After you find the desired manga, double click or right click the Manga and choose Download.

dom dom soft 1

Recently, I noticed that I can get twitter results in Google listing for certain keywords. The twitter results will show any conversation in Twitter that contains the related keywords.

As an example, you can try to search the keword ‘sherlock holmes‘ using Google and see the twitter results in action. The light blue colour below shows the Twitter conversation that contains the keyword ‘Sherlock Holmes’.

google twitter

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legion movie

Although both Tooth Fairy and Legion have identical poster and the same date of release (21 January 2010), both of them are in the opposite genre to each other. Tooth Fairy plays by The Rock is a family movie. Based on Wikipedia, tooth is the fairy that trade gifts or money for a child teeth that fallen out. In this movie, Dwayne Johnson is punished to be the real tooth fairy after he discourages a youngster’s hope by saying Tooth Fairy never existed.

In contrast to Tooth Fairy, Legion is a serious movie. I don’t know whether this movie is able to enter Malaysia since its storyline is nonsense. Will you ever think that God will be tired of human and then ask His legion of angels to end humanity? That’s what Legion is about. Nonsense isn’t it?

gps tracker

GPS not only can be used to show us direction but in certain circumstances, GPS could save human life too. Lately, a hiker who is hiking K2 mountain is separated from his team. Lucky he could be saved because the GPS system that he used could send GPS coordinate through SMS. Without the GPS system, perhaps Thuraya will be freeze to death.

book of eli

Book of Eli is about a man who fight to protect a sacred book that is believed has the power to redeem the world. The story take place in post-apocalyptic 2043. Although this movie will be released soon, there is inadequate storyline that could be find about this movie. 


Avatar movie by James Cameroon just released and in 2010 another Avatar movie is going to be released. Although both of them have the same type of font, Avatar The Last Air Bender is based on the cartoon animation by Nickelodeon. The animation contains three sequel that is Book 1: Water, Book 2: Earth, and Book 3: Fire.

This movie is directed by M Night Shamalan, a famous writer and director for supernatural movie. I hope this movie do not turn like the previous Dragon Ball movie where the movie screenplay is too fast and the storyline is totally different than the book. 

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Captain America - 004

Alice in Wonderland 2010 is about Alice who return to the fantasy land which she went during child.

Seeing Johnny Depp in Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, I wish to see his acting as weird person again. And in this Alice in Wonderland, Johnny Depp will play as Mad Hatter.