It is easy to come across a lot of installer and software around the internet. The only thinng that you need to consider is wether the installer provided is safe or harm.

It is important if you realize that some people will re-upload hack version of an installer. Maybe they will tweak its coding or put extra gift for you, that is either trojan or malware. So, it is really important to only download from trusworthy site.

download cnet

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I have heard many people say that Bing Dot Com is Google nearest competitor. And I also heard many people say that Bing provide more accurate results than Google.

So, I try to use Bing and truly amazed by its results.

I use Bing to search for “MRR2” keyword and below is what amazed me.

how to use bing

Description about my blog

Before this, I am writing a lot about soccer. Maybe that’s the reason Bing describe my site with those niche. However, the really amazing this is Bing can show you detail description about the site by hovering ¬†your mouse at the desired result.

Accurate Related Links

Bing also provide accurate related links below the detail description. Just see at the picture. Since Bing described my blog as sports and soccer, it only provided the links to my post that related to those niche.

What are you waiting for? Submit your site to Bing now.


People upload thousand of files in rapidshare but we would not know what files available unless the user provide the link to his upload.

With these Rapidshare search engines, you can search all the available files at Rapidshare.


However, Rapidshare often deleted illegal files but most of these Rapidshare search engines will still show it in their results.

Besides, privacy issue will occur too. For example, you uploaded a file that you just want to give it to your son. Rapidshare is the choice because you can upload large file at high speed. However, other Rapidshare search engine’s user may stumble across your uploaded file and download it.

kaspersky key license

Kapsersky 2010 is already released and you can download them at Kaspersky Dot Com. The good thing is that you can use your 2009 kaspersky key license to activate the 2010 version. If you still do not have any valid Kaspersky license key, information below will provide good guide for you to do so.

Where to get Kaspersky key license


  • I have seen many forum members sell cheap Kaspersky license key either for Kaspersky Internet Security or Kaspersky Anti Virus. They sell it as low as RM18 for KIS and RM13 for KAV. However, only license key is provided, you will not get any box or Kaspersky CD installer. Download it yourself through the net.
  • Most of their customers tell that the keys they bought work correctly and has no issue. However it is still a mystery from where they got the license keys? There will be no problem if the Kaspersky license keys are genuine but the case will be different if the license keys are gotten from crack.
  • You can read a post at lowyat dot net regarding this.

Let’s say that you are in urgent and you need to use PDF to Word Converter or pdf to html conveter immediately without having to find the installer and install it. Or, you are in a cyber cafe that restrict the customers from installing new software.

convert pdf to word

This website will really help you. You can convert your file on the fly via this website.

Besides, they also provided:

  • PDF to text converter
  • PDF to image converter
  • PDF to HTML converter
  • text to PDF converter

However, if you think that you need the software of PDF to word converter to be install in your PC, you can do so by downloading the file here.

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change mobile service provider

Right now, we can change our mobile service provider without changing the number. You can change from Maxis to Celcom University Pack and still have the same number.

This is a really awesome feature. However, you need to go to the nearest provider centre to do it.

Gladly, Maybank2u offers this service too. As easy as pie, you can

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