Is dribble a need? Sometime you can just beat your opponent by doing one two.

A lot of football players is totally fanatic with dribbling skills and think that becoming a dribble king means that you are the hero of the team. This is totally wrong. If you noticed, most of freestyle moves are really cool but are they effictive to use in the game? I don’t think so.

So, below are two reasons that you should know when to use your dribble skills in a match.

Can’t pass to your teammates

If you are fighting with strong team, there is a possibility that most of your teammates is marked by them. In order to find other mates that is not marked, you need to dribble and control the possession of the ball. The best way is by dribbling or take the ball far from you. Remember, your objective is not to pass your opponent but to find your mates and pass the ball to them. This is the safest play of all.


I have not follow the sequel of transporter because it seems boring at a glance. However, I only know that this movie is really awesome once I watch transporter 3. Full of action that related to car and fighting. Trust me, you will have no time to blink your eye even for a second.

For thus that have not watch any sequel of this movie yet, transporter is about an ex-army who do job of transporting any things for a price. The best thing about Frank is his three rules that are

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