activate mms

What is MMS

MMS stands for ‘multimedia messaging service’. In contrast to SMS (short message service), phone user can send longer text message than SMS. Besides that, media such as audio, video and images can embedded in the message too.

Nowadays, there is new style of blogging called micro blogging or live blogging. The main idea of live blogging is to send MMS (picture and text) to Flickr, and then Flickr website will handle the MMS message by automatically creating a blog post at your website based on the MMS. This should save you a lot of time in transferring picture. It is not a dream anymore to blog anywhere by using live blogging, even at a place with no internet connection.

What is 3G

3G is like GPRS with more speed. You can see the details here.

Once you have finished designing a T-Shirt, now it is the time to print the design. Usually T-Shirt designer just send the design to the contract screen printing shop and just wait for the final result. Somehow if you know how to the design is printed on the T-Shirt, maybe you can try to start a home business or small business by offering T-Shirt design and also printing the design as well. Save you cost and means more profit to you. T-Shirt business only needs small start up cost, but high profit margin. So it is not possible to start a T-Shirt printing business if you know the required equipment and how to do it.

There are three methods that can be used to print a T-Shirt that are:

  • Screen printing (silk screening )
  • Heat transfers using heat press machine (heat printing)
  • DTG printer (direct-to-garment printer)

T-Shirt printing using screen printing method


Screen printing is the traditional method to apply a design to a shirt. This method needs many materials before you can start printing and the most complex out of the three methods. As the learning curve for screen printing is too complex, I am not going to explain about it in detail. However the small start up cost and the good quality result is the reason why screen printing become the choice for some printing shop.

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Have you watch the new promotional video by Toyota?

It’s simply amazing, refreshing, and has deep meaning. You can watch the video below if you haven’t watch one.

I am sure you are going to say.. ” WOW!! THAT”S SO COOL!!”

Yes it’s cool because it is nothing like other advertisement related to car where you are shown the speed and power of the car. Great effort by Toyota to come up with a memorable promotional video like this one. Two thumbs up.

So did you notice anything weird in the one minute video?



toyota dominoes 1

If you haven’t, let me spoil you a bit… Did you realize THE DOMINOES GOES BACKWARD?

Does that mean you should watch the video in backward to see the real dominoes effect?

No you don’t…



hybrid vehicles

The Toyota Dominoes captures the essence of the spirit of Toyota innovation. The brand has achieved the previously ‘unimaginable and impossible’ goals with the launch of Toyota hybrid technology!

If till today we believe it’s impossible to bring back fallen dominoes to stand.. Toyota has done it and prove it’s not impossible.

. .

And if people used to think that it is not possible to power up a car without using fuel which can pollute our environment, Toyota has proven that it is possible  with the launch of their hybrid technology.

Just imagine how many problem this technology can save us. As the world’s oil is getting decrease, there is nothing to worry about. And at the same time the air pollution caused by vehicles can be reduced drastically.

I hope sooner or letter Toyota team can incorporate their technology to other vehicles such as motorcycle, truck, and ship as well. I am pretty sure nothing is impossible.

By the way if you will like to watch behind the scene you can go to Youtube.

Ps: This post has been sponsored by Toyota, but all the thought is our own.

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I am sure you are tired of using the normal fax machine.

I know you hate to waste your precious time just to receive a faxed document.

Okay, here is the best solution for you.

Introduce, the best online fax ever; MyFax.

After you use MyFax, you will realize how much time you have wasted before. You no longer need to wait for the fax document to arrive because the document is automatically send to your email.

Yes, that easy.


Not only that. Using MyFax, you can also reverse the process.

Now you can send a document from your computer without the need to print it, bring it to the fax machine, and push the send button. If you find that too complicated there are many CRM software’s that offer the service as part of a service plan:

You don’t need to do these waste of time procedures anymore.

Using MyFax, you can send any document to the targeted fax machine just by using email.

And there’s more…

MyFax is different compared to other online fax services since MyFax offers these benefits:

  • You get a toll free or local number
  • MyFax is totally reliable and has great support team. If you have any issue just contact them and they will answer you in a few hours.
  • MyFax is simple to use and pretty straight forward. You don’t need to be a tech geek to use MyFax.
  • By using MyFax, nothing will turn wrong.

MyFax is a award-winning faxing solution. If you are a tech geek, I am sure you know Even a good made software receives hard critique from them.

And guess what?

MyFax has been featured 5 years in a row from That means MyFax is really good.

Watch this YouTube video by and judge it by yourself. MyFax

Oh, you still don’t believe MyFax is good?

Okay. For your convenience I have compiled some reviews that I found from online forums and discussions. No edit, no tweak. Believe me, these are honest opinion by MyFax satisfy users.








I think the three testimonials should be enough to convince you MyFax is the best online fax solution ever made.

Oh, you are worried to invest your money on something valuable that can make your task easier?

Don’t worry. You can try MyFax for 30 days for FREE.


If you are satisfied with them, keep using them. If not..

Thee is no ‘if not’ actually. I am confident that you are going to be the next satisfy user. Their services range from fax software to construction cost estimating software.

Click the TRIAL BUTTON and you are one step closer to make your job easier.

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Flappy Bird is a mobile game created in 2012 by Dong Nguyen who is Vietnamese developer. It first made news on the gaming website The purpose of Flappy Bird’s is to direct the bird in the course of the green pipes. The game was formally released on 24th May 2013 with iPhone 5’s support. The game was named as the most downloaded app on the App Store and its Android version released to the Google Play store on 30th January 2014. Words around have it that the game is difficult and almost impossible to score but the developer says that though difficult, the game was not fashioned to be impossible. From his view, the game is pure, intensely difficult and amazingly fun to play.

flappy bird tricks

How it works

The bird flies smoothly to the right through an obstacle path of green pipes. The player is then required to control the movement of the bird as he or she moves it through the series of pipes while avoiding any contact. Unfortunately, the ‘flappy bird’ does not fly very well and it is upon the player to ensure its movement remains steady.

The player navigates the bird by tapping on his device which makes it flap its wings. Players also have the task to ensure that the bird does not get into contact with the green pipes. Any contact between the bird and the pipe brings you to the end of the game and you’ll have to start over. For each set of pipes a player successfully passes, he or she earns one point. The game has four levels whereby the proceeding level is more challenging than the first. In ascending order the levels are bronze, silver, gold and platinum.

How to get the game

For android devices, you simply need to search Google for the app ‘Flappy Bird apk’. Once you find the appropriate link, download and install it. If you are not okay with installing Android apps from unknown sources, you will have to wait until the game is available on Play Store and also at

For a simple and fun online game you can click on the following to play starburst slot with free spins.

For a windows phone, the app is in the Windows Store. Its free and therefore you only download and install it.

IPhone and iPad users that had not installed the app before, you need to find someone that had it earlier and then let them sign in with their Apple ID on your gadget and install the game from their previous purchase.

Flappy Bird reviews have it that though the game is highly challenging, it still remains captivating. I usually play online casino games from Australia at but I find Flappy Bird to be a good activity that keeps me alert and thinking fast.

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The first thing you notice about Samsung Galaxy S5 is that the build is certainly an enhancement over everything that Samsung has done this far. It comes with lots of new features, in comparison with the S4, its predecessor and when measured up to other flagships. The Finger Scanner and the heartbeat sensor, for instance, are unique to the Galaxy S5. In addition, the quad core Snapdragon 805 processor, which operates at a blistering 2.5GHz adds LTE-A download speeds, and a 4K video recording, to this already superb handset.

galaxy note s5 malaysia

This chip, combined with 2GB RAM, means this phone should not have any problem running any app that you throw at it smoothly. The lack of a metallic casing is a real shame, since the rest of the hardware is very complicated to fault, at the initial glance at least. Let us dive deeper into the Samsung Galaxy S5 review.

The screen, a 5.1 inch Full-HD Super AMOLED display, is quite impressive. It utilizes an intelligent dimming system which analyses the immediate environment to create precise brightness setup for such conditions. Then there is a 16 megapixels camera. What can be noticed immediately is how fast the camera is. Everything from boot, to focus, to the amount of time taken to store and save the photos, was very quick. Functions such as background defocus once you take a photo are quite nice. However, Samsung has focused on the quality here instead of unnecessary features.

In actual fact, the entire device feels more as if Samsung worked on polishing things, instead of going on a specs chase. Samsung Galaxy S4 was rather fast enough, therefore instead the work carried out here has been on the end-user experience. The phone comes with the Android 4.4 KitKat and a newer version of Samsung TouchWiz interface. In terms of the User Interface and the general look and feel of Samsung Galaxy S5, Samsung has finally discarded its rather chintzy and old fashioned looking set of icons. Now one gets a fresh, clean and simple look which modernizes the Galaxy setup.

Just like the iPhone 5S, the fingerprint scanner functions by scanning your fingerprints and keeping the phone secure. It is at first impressive, but it is a feature that is rarely used. Then you have a heart rate monitor, which relate with Samsung’s new choice of Gear products. It delivers a much more precise fitness experience than many competing devices. There is a choice between 16 GB and 32 GB of expandable storage. You could also add up to 64 GB extra through a microSD, and there is a micro-USB 3.0 port for quicker transfer speeds.

Meanwhile, a 2800mAh battery should be enough to power the phone for a day (21 hours of talk time). As with the previous Galaxy S phones it is swappable. The black version certainly comes out best on closer assessment in terms of color choice. The bottom line is that Samsung has reworked the user experience more than it has with regards to the spec sheet. This is certainly not a bad thing.

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The Samsung Galaxy Note is a cross-breed between a brilliant cell and a compact tablet. Numerous clients have communicated investment in the most recent offering from Samsung since the device has numerous suitable characteristics and an engaging smooth look. Aside from utilizing the device to take pictures, content and call contacts, encourage productivity and search the net, the Samsung Galaxy Note might be utilized to bring down notes in school or at work. Is the new device deserving of one’s consideration and cash? A quick glimpse on the pros and cons connected with getting the Galaxy Note pro will put you in a better platform to be more decisive.

Why Opt for the Samsung Galaxy Note Pro?

Considerable Wide Screen- The Samsung Note has an incredible 5.29-inch screen. Yes, its huge and truly appropriate to surf the Internet, view motion pictures, bring down notes on and movie visit. Be that as it may, it might be bizarre to hold the telephone slice tablet down on one’s ear when accepting calls so make a point to utilize headphones for that. With respect to review media, the enormous screen is a great expansion to the device.

note pro -1

HD Super AMOLED Display – The screen is recognizably more characterized, clearer, and more vivid as contrasted with other Samsung contraptions around. This is attributable to the AMOLED showcase with a WXGA wide display of about 1280 * 800 that shows content in astonishing item. The screen is likewise more honed on account of the 285ppi redesign.

Simple Stylus Pen – Anyone can utilize the Galaxy Note Pro with a great deal of more accuracy on account of the progressed sharp pen or stylus included in the contraption. Contrasted with utilizing simply a finger, the stylus empowers the client to have more customized notes, in addition to utilizing the contraption to draw and show will be simpler. The outcomes turn out extraordinary too when printed.

The Galaxy Note is one of the precise few handheld mechanisms that have a Polaroid more amazing than normal Megapixels. Obviously, the impacts of these incorporate taking itemized photos that can pass off as brought with a digital cam of 8MP.

Credible Battery Life – In a Samsung galaxy review of the battery, it has been figured out that the contraption can keep going up to two days with moderate utilization while it would probably take days when utilized daintily.

What Should Worry You About The Samsung Galaxy Note Pro

Large telephone – Since the Galaxy Note is enormous, it may not be for everybody’s taste. There will be individuals who might experience challenges when taking care of it in one hand and accepting calls might be an alternate clash. Be that as it may, if the size does not trouble you, then it truly wouldn’t be a con to buy the Note.

For the most part, there is nothing all the more about this Samsung galaxy note pro review aside from commendations. There are numerous motivations to love the Samsung Galaxy Note. It is an astonishing, transportable, and clever contraption that can trade the utilization of an advanced Polaroid, a universal cell telephone, a notepad, an Internet program, and a media player.

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In April 2013, Yahoo has released their latest Yahoo Mail for Android to public.

So how to setup the Yahoo Mail on Android and what to do if you cannot setup it properly? Before you continue, make sure you have downloaded and installed Yahoo Mail on your Android.


How to setup Yahoo Mail on Android tablet?

Now you have Android and Yahoo Mail installed. So how to properly setup the Yahoo Mail so that it can work without any problem? First you need to open Yahoo Mail from your Android tablet. The idea here is to let Yahoo Mail accessing your device through POP or IMAP. If you are having difficulty in using POP, you can use IMAP.

The steps are quite simple but there are a step that require you to enter access information. That will be quite difficult without any guidance.

Okay, now lets do it. Grab your smartphone and pressed  or tab the Email icon. Go to ‘Settings’ and select ‘Add Account’.

When you are you are prompt with a screen that ask for your email login information, enter your email and password and pressed ‘Manual Setup’. Then tap ‘IMAP account’ and put the details below into the correct field.

This is the incoming mail settings that you should use to setup your mail:

  • Username: Your email address (automatically populated)
  • Password: Your email password (automatically populated)
  • IMAP Server:
  • Security Type: SSL/TLS
  • Port: 993
  • IMAP path prefix: leave blank

This picture show how exactly to setup the incoming server settings on your Android.

android yahoo mail setting

Then you need to enter the outgoing server settings. Here’s the details:

Enter the outgoing mail settings:

  • SMTP Server:
  • Port: 465
  • Security Type: SSL
  • Require Sign-in: Ticked
  • Username: Your email address (automatically populated)
  • Password: Your email password (automatically populated)

Yahoo Mail problems on Android

If you can’t setup or configure Yahoo Mail on Android, and keep getting message that you enter incorrect login information, you should check those settings again of solve this question with the help of a trustworthy IT consultancy firm. Maybe you incorrectly type any details for setting. If you still have the same problem and Yahoo Mail is not working, you can try turning off the device and open it again.

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If you are like me and use Yahoo mail as your primary email service, I am sure you will have a hard time once Yahoo mail are not working according to what you expect. The problems can be in different areas. Maybe Yahoo mail is not working on your iPhone, Mac, Galaxy S3, Linux, Windows 7, or desktop PC.

However is the main reason that cause Yahoo to not working is always the same? Or it depends on the type of device and operating system that you are using?

yahoo mail not working

Actually those problems usually occur depends on location. I am pretty sure Yahoo mail has several server to store the database of each user account. Since the database is too big, probably they have several datacenter located in different country.

When something happen on the specific datacenter, the user accounts stored in the datacenter will have trouble to access their Yahoo Mail or to perform certain mailing tasks.

However there are also certain Yahoo mail related problems that only occur on specific device.

Yahoo mail not working on Galaxy S3

  • No incoming message received
  • Could not send new message anymore
  • System tell “Log In Failed” when user try to send new email message

To solve this issue, Galaxy S3 user need to download latest Yahoo Mail application and then go to Settings > Application Manager > All Tab > Clear Data and Clear Cache. Using Yahoo Mail application will enable you to use Yahoo Mail correctly but it still won’t help in fixing the real problem of the Yahoo Mail on your browser. However that’s fine I guess as long as you can send and receive mail correctly. You can consider this as a working temporary solution.

Yahoo mail not working on iPhone 5

  • Cannot verify Yahoo Mail password after restoring from iPhone 4
  • Yahoo website keeps saying server unavailable

When a problem occur only on one device and not other device, that means something is wrong on the device. This has nothing to do with Yahoo Mail server. So the best choice is always to reinstall related application.

Before doing a clean install, you may want to turn off the smartphone and wait for a few minutes before turning it on again. Sometimes doing this is already enough to make the email functioning again.

Another good method that you can try to fix the problem is by deleting the mail account and create a new one or by using Private Browsing in Safari. Click here for details.

The most important thing here is to not fret if your Yahoo Mail suddenly not working. Try all of the solutions that I tell above one by one and you will hit a working solution.

PS: I just read a latest news on Web Pro News that Yahoo will be shutting down instant messaging function in Yahoo Mail Classic. So you no longer can chatting with our friend through email.

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Bridal Mask is a Korean drama based on a popular manhwa. Manhwa actually means comic. If in Japan, people called comic as manga, in Korea they call it manhwa.

I’m not sure whether it’s appropriate or not… maybe they are trying to have their own identity as well. But currently they are not too many great manhwa around compared to great manga.

Okay, lets go back to the topic.

What do I think about Bridal Mask? Why the title is Bridal Mask? Is this some sort of lovely wedding typical Korean drama that we always watched?

bridal mask watch koran drama

If you are thinking like that, then you are totally wrong. Bridal Mask is a drama with good character building and awesome twist.

This is actually a superhero type movie in Japanese colonial era. Quite some sort of fighting drama where the hero where a Bridal Mask to hide his identities.

This is not like typical K-Drama where they are feeding you with awesome soundtrack so that you can ignore some plot weakness in the storyline.

At first I am quite reluctant to watch this drama as I think the timeline setting of the story is so boring —> Japanese colonial era.

But when I had watched the first three episodes, suddenly I become attached and addicted to the drama.

By the way, even though the theme song in this drama is limited, I love their main theme. I love how this song combine together classical opera and rock music. Just listen to the song below…

If you haven’t watch this drama yet, feel free to do so. Watch it online on Mysoju or buy the original DVD somewhere on watch it with your families.

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